Golf Swing Rotation is it Necessary? Mr. Short Game Reveals the Truth
Golf Swing Rotation is it Necessary? Mr. Short Game Reveals the Truth

today we’re going to talk about a grave
myths teaching in the game of golf I’m going
after it not messing around let’s go this video we’re talking about rotation
or don’t rotate what what is it do you wrote some people say rotate and
some people say you need to not rotate but it’s a back and forth motion and and
then you just kind of stop stop your hands and let that Club speed up like
this to create massive amounts of speed what is it what’s correct I’ll tell you
I’m a rotation guy that’s for sure and I think the stop and let that catch-up is
going to destroy your life and we’re gonna fix it right now because if you
don’t rotate you can’t survive out here and that’s a fact of life
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aid for us I’m use in a second so some people say it’s not rotation it’s a back
straight back straight through right straight back straight through straight
back that’s ridiculous okay it’s absolutely ridiculous and if
somebody says that you need to run away here is why my hips there it’s a rounded
formation here right similar to let’s say a water bottle and the top are my
hips if I want to get the top on and off I can’t go straight back this
is never going to get the top off straight back straight through look
you have to turn it turn it it’s not straight back it’s turning it’s a
rotation my hips are basically the same shape as that dang water bottle so I
can’t go straight back and straight through that’s this that’s ridiculous
one is going back and one is going forward
one is going back and one is going forward just like this but it’s not
going forward it’s rotating around your body around your pelvis around your life
okay everything is in a rotational manner that’s why you can’t think
straight back straight forward because you’ll do this you have a swing that
looks nobody nobody swings like that so to even think that will cause you to
get in so much trouble and it will force you and make your brain think okay I got
it I’m gonna go straight back and you’ll extend your legs like this this will
happen and you’ll flip that club now if you’re somebody that wants to flip the
club and have a ton of hand motion like this then do that can you create a ton
of club head speed by snapping and stopping and then letting this do that
yes you can’t create a lot of club head speed but your consistency you might as
well throw it out the window because that is exactly what’s going to happen
if that’s the type of mental thought you want to have but when I’m here and I’m
rotating around and then my hands release out there it’s releasing toward
the target everything is getting synced up on plane and you will have much more
consistency than doing anything like that and that my friends is what will
get your whole golf game in trouble you need the rotation we need
rotation in here not stopping and this you’re gonna have a not lockjaw
I call it lock legs you look like this this is a non rotational swing this is
the back and forth thought is that what you want to look like I don’t think so
we need to be set on rotation and and and there’s more to it than just than
just this okay so here’s what happens when you have the mind thought of your
straight back and straight through type of motion with your body right what you
know obviously you’re losing your spine angle when you do that instead of
keeping it and turning around I mean so some people might not consciously think
I’m rotating my hips but in reality that’s what they’re doing whether they
think it or not it doesn’t matter what you do is what matters but if you
thinking no I’m just going straight back and I’m gonna slow my hands down and let
that Club whip through and create massive amounts of speed all of that
that mine thought is going to translate into the short game and you’re going to
do the same thing and slow your hands down and do stuff like that where you
chunk it or you’re gonna zing that ball way across the planet so you don’t want
stuff like that to infect and poison your short game because this is where
all the strokes are rotation in your short game again you’re gonna have so
much more consistency on these little types of shots and you’re gonna be able
to control them so much better because you’re gonna come through the shot but
if you start whatever you do in your long game it infects your short game so
if you have bad habits there forget it you have no chance here that’s why when
I hear like it’s a straight back straight through motion I’m like oh
that’s going to come over here and destroy your whole life in the short
game we need rotation here without rotation there’s no hope for you there’s
no hope you’re gonna stop and flip and get all kinds of you know wicked
hand motion through here little rotation is really gonna help your life in your
short game and you can control the shots I’m gonna roll right next to the hole so
stop thinking don’t rotate you have to think rotate all I want is what’s best
for us to get better to be consistent I’m just here to help comment below let
me know what you like to think about your golf swing hopefully it has
something to do with a turning motion love you guys
good luck see in the next video

34 thoughts on “Golf Swing Rotation is it Necessary? Mr. Short Game Reveals the Truth”

  1. Mark Hoops says:

    Thankfully I never heard that piece of advice coming up in the sport. Once again sir, you are correct. Well done!

  2. Larry L says:

    Everyone is different. Just because you do it one way doesn't mean it works for everybody. BTW I've never heard anyone say don't rotate. Seems like you created an issue for a video.

  3. Jeff Lin says:

    You wouldn’t happen to be talking about a recent video with Malaska?

  4. Mark Lingo says:

    This should have a NSFW tag lots of straight back and forwarod with the grunting sound also. no one in my office thought i was watching golf!!

  5. Andy M says:

    If my lower body fires in sequence (starting fron left knee) I get consistantly low numbers on the simulator.

  6. Starwut Wibuloutai says:

    I don't disagree with you one bit, but it seems like you interprete someone's idea wrongly, I never heard anyone says do not rotate, but someone such as Malaska would says it's an effect not a cause. And I never heard anyone says humping the goat back and forth would be a good idea

  7. Nobody is saying don't rotate except maybe Moe Norman. The right hip back, left hip back move is promoting a centered turn thus minimizing swaying and big shifts left. I think it has more positives than negatives.

  8. HAPPY GOLFER says:

    Rotation is an effect. Jack and Tiger both have never said "rotation". Tiger says he tries to get his trail hip as deep as he can, and his lead hip as deep as he can, meaning, back, as in puch the left hip back, and push the right hip back. The Golden Bear says something similar. He said, "I try to get my trail hip back and out of the way, and let the club pull me through in the downswing. People who try and "rotate" their hips end up causing way more problems. You give anyone a baseball bat and tell them to hit a ball, no one stands there thinking, "I have to rotate my hips for good impact." the, for lack of a better word, "rotation" is a byproduct. But done correctly you are really just using your legs to "push" your hips back.

  9. Dennis Sparks says:

    Matt, there is a difference between trying to rotate and having rotation result. Most golfers think rotate and slice the ball. Rotation happens but not actively.

  10. Bill Miller says:

    Mr SG is correct once again!! I'm a recovering flipper, and I can tell you flipping has destroyed my short game, I often blade little pitch shots as I stop rotating and lose my right wrist angle (flip) which raises the leading edge and BOOM, you just skulled it !! The problem is, after flipping for 40 years it's incredible hard to rotate, my brain wants to throw the club head at the ball instead of waiting for my body turn to bring the club to the ball.

  11. Antonio delrosario says:

    The golf swing either using both hands and arms will pull your body to rotate. You don't initiate swing using your hips rotation for more speed but your hands and let pull gravity do itself for rotation
    This will create more speed in your golf swing. In addition let your arms and hands relax and lightly hold your golf club

  12. dean armstrong says:

    Love the advertising voice 😂 you should maybe think about doing a voice over job 😂

  13. Carl Meyn says:

    Should I fight my natural shot shape? I'm a left and I hit a draw. Very rarely do I hit the ball left. I'd love to be able to play a fade off the tee, but I have been having trouble learning one.

  14. Gregg Jackson says:

    Brother, I am going to be in Encinoo in December. Are you available for short game lesson?

  15. Paul Edmondson says:

    Who the hell says straight back straight through? That video could have been condensed into 1 second… turn dont sway.

  16. barry nicholas says:

    I love your stuff, but calm down, relax you are being ridiculous. The question should be, do we rotate our hips on the downswing as we hit the ball or after we hit the ball. If I hit with the arms (not allowing the body to drag the arms through) and then let the hips follow, I get a much more powerful and better strike.

  17. don monfort says:

    you can do better than this
    waste of time

  18. Erik Thureson says:

    I certainly don’t want to destroy my life 😆

  19. Gary Smith says:

    Love your presentation

  20. Kenny Waters says:

    You're absolutely correct.

  21. Mark Stone says:

    My swing thought is to go back which rotates my hips, I'd prefer to think straight lines. That thought triggers rotation

  22. sburkeyboy says:

    Love your content but this vid could be a bit dangerous for some.
    Everyone's perception and feels differ.
    Some may need to "feel" the trail hip go back and deep in order to rotate in the back swing. And "feel" the lead hip go back and deep to initiate the rotation in the downswing, I know I do.
    I get loose with too many moving parts when I turn, deep hips keeps me tight but past impact I'm turning hard.
    Each to their own.

  23. Hendrik Janse van Rensburg says:

    Good day Mr Shortgame. I love your instruction videos. You present with so much passion and enthusiasm. Thank you very much.
    I looked at the instruction on rotation to create the best swing… Fantastic and I agree.
    I love this game and started when I was 22. I got my training from Mr Otway Hayes. I played of 9-10 handicap as a weekend golfer for many years. Then, 2 years ago, I had heart surgery and although I am in great shape, I now battle to rotate. Can you please do a video on a half swing or alternative swing, even if I have to take more club than before.
    Thank you for the value you add to golfers world wide.
    Hendrik. South Africa

  24. tscholent says:

    I agree with your idea of arms only being a bad one but just like Starwut below mentioning Malaska who says that that the turn is a effect not a cause I agree with that too. My argument for Malaskas notion would be that if a person swings with the idea of keeping the head behind the ball and turning around their spine then he/she has a tendency to get stuck . On the other hand if the player has the follow through with a complete turn in his/her mind only , chances are there's going to be a lot of lateral move or coming out of the shot. I have personally seen more 60 and older players sending a driver shot 260 and more consistently (me included) who have some of what you say but otherwise are less dynamic while concentrating on the best contact possible.I see so many club players that fail to get rid of their left arm first and they are the same folks complaining about consistent distance within the fairway.I remember your video where you say that the swoosh sound of the club should occur at release…well if I hear a swoosh sound at release everything else should happen naturally no?

  25. will smith says:

    The air HUMPS are the best. Great video

  26. Monserrate Tirado says:

    With all due respect, cause i think your teaching is good, name names because i've never heard of anyone teaching the "strait back and through" you're talking about….please, tell me who is teaching this meathod….thanks.

  27. GST1974 says:

    Sounds like a stack and tilt golf swing when you go back and forth. The conventional golf swing involves some form of rotation. Chipping and putting is from the shoulders. Full swings and pitches from the hips.

  28. Gary Ham says:

    Whoa there short game. I think you are saying Forearm rotation (not flipping) is wrong? It's the number one method taught to amateurs. OK. Say that is wrong but then show us the way you think it should be done with body rotation. It's a two part world, i.e., This is wrong and here is how to do it right.

  29. Wayne Deason says:

    Moe Norman might disagree with you on hip rotation.

  30. Michael Gripenskans says:

    You have to put light in front of you. Your face and body are totally in the shade. It is a photographic death penalty for this…

  31. bobber says:

    When a golfer resist a swing, back problems will follow later and other things.

  32. KK says:

    Grave Myths Teaching??? Is it possible that you may misinterpret them? In my opinion, it's an effect (a by-product of the downswing for the better players) that the hip turn will slow down or even stop during the impact/release. See it for yourself…
    — Matt Wolfe (no hip turn – around :51-1:15)

    — Rory (no hip turn – around :18 – 0:21) and at around :20, if you look carefully, it looks like there is even a quick reverse

  33. Camp Tull says:

    I went from a fade to a draw and got stuck hitting duck hooks so I abandoned the draw because I couldn't figure out the concept of rotation. I was simply returning to address at impact.

  34. e james says:

    it's a question of delaying rotation. Couples and norman would stop rotating at impact and "slam the door". But of course, they would then continue their rotation after impact.

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