– Well hey, Adam Bazalgette here, founder of Scratch Golf Academy. Today’s subject, golf
swing plane made easy. (inspirational music) So golf swing plane made easy. Is it easy? Well, it’s actually fairly
simple, but it’s usually, as I’ll show you, interference
from the golfer that gets the club off plane, of course
we’ll give you some drills. If you like the video please
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content and of course, is my home website, full courses there. So here’s Michelle Wie as a
teenager, let’s have a look at her, we’ll put a
line on the club shaft. Picture that as a giant hula hoop tilted diagonally backwards there and she will swing pretty much along that. Now not every great
player’s exactly there, but that’s the ideal, then
the club will tend to rise, or the arms really’ll rise
a little bit up the body. But you can see there’s the
maintenance of that nice circle and in the downswing that club
returns right in that area to hit the ball. You really can’t do it
any better than that, and the simpler the plane, the
more along the design of the club, the easier it is to
have repetitive ball flight. Well, I was very fortunate
to work for David Leadbetter for 14 years, known him a a long time. And this is something he would
do in a lot of golf schools. He’d golf a golf club at the
very bottom of the handle. With just his right hand,
really just the fingers here and he would get the club
swinging and just get in motion and he would explain to the group that would be sitting there,
hey listen, this club wants to swing on plane. The balance and the design are such that it will swing on plane. Now, that’s the key though,
is get the club swinging. I’m telling you, if you
take your hands and try to put the club in the right
position, maybe worse still if you try to take the
club back you’re gonna get in trouble right out of the
gate and it’s not gonna work. So let me show you a close
up grip you wanna take as we’ll introduce you
to this first drill. So really I’m just gonna
grip this in the fingertips, or the bottom of the
fingers of both hands, I might slightly have
my palms resting there, but there’s no ability
for me to grab ahold of it and manipulate the club. So with this grip I really
can’t manipulate or manage the club so I just start back
and forth very small scale and after a few swings here,
no ball, I can just feel the balance of the club and
how consistently that’s moving. Then you wanna try with just
some individual little swings. Now, when you have this grip, you’re gonna feel just a
little drag off the ball, that’s absolutely fine. In fact, I like that. So I’m gonna start individually. Okay, one quick caveat
to this, if your access or you head if you like,
is moving around a lot, you’re not gonna get quite the same feel. So put the club against
you, remember it’s a little diagonally up and down
movement, the pivot, it’s not a big sway or a
weight shift or a turn, and once your access is nice and steady, it will really help breed
the proper feel in the plane. So now with a regular grip,
we’re not gonna get into details on the grip here, there’s
other videos on that, but it’s gotta be under
the pad of that left hand. Now, bear in mind, wrist cock
is nothing more than downward pressure on the handle,
pushing it down gently. That makes the club go up. So as you start to get this
feeling, back and forth on this small scale, just
gently add a little bit of downward pressure, not
this, and you’ll start to get the feeling for how the little
takeaway becomes the wrist cock and starts to really set on plane. You just gotta camp out
with it a little bit. You’ll get the feel. Let me try a shot I’ve
got nine iron on a tee, I wanna make it as easy as
possible, so I’m gonna get a little sense of this thing
here, all right here we go. No manipulation, little
downward pressure and just pop the ball out there. Couple more practice swings
and so on until you’re getting the same feel of how
the club stays in orbit. Okay, let’s look at the downswing. So two terrific players
here, Paul Casey on the left and Adam Scott on the right. Now, I’m telling you I do this
all the time in golf lessons. I’ll film someone, draw a
line from the club to the ball and I mean, not only does
the club kinda go there, it goes straight towards the golf ball, but not these guys. It comes down. And let’s put a line on Adam’s swing here, and as we start his transition
again, the club comes down well below that line. People go at that ball because
it attracts their attention and they try to hit it. Let the club work down first. You will be doing a lot better. Now here’s a favorite drill. This breeds awareness,
you’ll see what I mean as we go through. Awareness is the key, by the way. When people have faults in
their swings that they never feel, just someone tells them about them, it’s probably not gonna shift. So here’s the drill. Nine iron off tee, I’ve
got my regular grip now, go above the ball and kind
of get this motion going. At whatever scale you need
to do it, I’m gonna go about that scale there. I feel just an uninterrupted
flow of the club. And on a predetermined
swing, I just lower down and clip the ball. When I say predetermined,
I just decide okay, this when I’m hitting it. Here’s the key. That lovely carefree feel
of the club does that shift when you decide to hit it. Do you suddenly get a sense
of golf ball, strike the ball, that’s what makes you move at the ball. You’ve just gotta hang out
with it till you can do basically what I felt like I did there, which there’s just no
difference between the swing and when I decide to hit the ball, other than that instinctive
lowering of the club. You’re on your way then, you’re
feeling the right things. Of course, you’ve gotta
then hit some shots, come back to the drills,
just keep washing it in there you can do this thing
if you put your time in. So golf swing plane made easy, I hope that’s helpful for you. Work on these things, they
don’t come automatically, but you can do it, please
subscribe to the YouTube channel if you like it, we’ve got
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    Love the Free Swing Club..Simply put if we don't get in the way of how the Tool wants to swing we will be at our best. If you start from a semi finished condition the club will be free the find plane. Plane being your hula hoop. Cocking the club is simply the fulcrum point in which it wants to be swung. Good stuff my friend.

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