– Well hello, Adam Bazelgette, founder of Scratch Golf Academy, three time PGA teacher of
the year here in Florida. And today’s subject, how
to hit your irons pure. (energetic electronic dance music) So, how to hit your irons pure. I’ll give you some simple
concepts, they really are simple that I think will help
you, and also some drills towards the end of the
video that are easy to do, help you get started and
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me, let’s get started. Now obviously if you’re
gonna hit your irons pure, you have to have a solid strike and that would include heel to toe. But we’re not gonna
tackle that in this video. In this video, we’re gonna have a look at the all important
element of the downward hit, mastering the downward hit. Now listen, most people, I promise you, I teach golf lessons all,
they have a poor concept, or at best let’s say
an incomplete concept, of what the downward hit entails. So we’re gonna get into
that a little bit here, but there’s two elements of it that I rarely see people overdo, at least in tandem with each other. So the first element is
you gotta lean the shaft, or as I like to say it,
tilt the sweet spot. Let’s have a quick close-up look. This a nine-iron, and that black spot represents the sweet
spot of the golf club. Listen, when there’s no tee under the ball and you’ve got loft on the club, you have to tilt the face a little bit, you have to tilt that sweet spot, to get consistently solid contact. Okay, the second element, once you’ve got the shaft leaning and the
face tilting towards the ball, that is plenty of downward hit. Listen, best players in
the world only hit down four or five degrees on a seven-iron. Certainly as an average, that is less than the six degrees that would represent the single stroke of a
second hand on a clock. So once you’ve got the shaft leaning, don’t add to that by
actually hitting down. That’s the big mistake so many
people make, that won’t work. So what you’re actually trying
to do is not only sweep, but the golf club should
be slightly ascending, at least the handle of
it should be as you hit. That mitigates the forward lean. Alright, let’s get into the
drills for both of these. Okay, these little face magnets are great. You probably don’t have one at home. You can get them online certainly. But these are great to should
you the loft of the face, and really it’s as simple
as turning your hand so that there’s less loft down there. Now listen, before you
jump off this video, let me just tell you,
I teach golf all day, people always come to
me and they say, “Well, “I’m a feel player, so don’t
get too technical with me.” That’s fine, you’ve got
to have feel to play golf, but as soon as I get to
try to feel something, they’re like, “No no, just
give me a verbal formula, “kind of cheat it in there for me.” Don’t do that to yourself. Listen, if you wanna have
fun and get better at golf, don’t act like you have no
control over your own body. I’m trying to empower you here. You can grab golf club and tilt it a little bit ’til you get the proper feel. You can do it, nobody
can describe this to you precisely in words so that you
can do it without practice. Now, once you’ve done that
a few times, do it slowly. These are drills you can
do if it’s cold up there, and it’s up north and you
can’t get out to a range, these are things you can do at the house. Just take a golf club on a small scale, and as you flow through, turn
the loft towards the carpet. Don’t try to be too precise initially. If you’re out at the driving range, I’ve got an eight-iron here, take a few little shots here, little scale, and just tilt the loft off it. I really wouldn’t tilt
that much loft off it if I was hitting the shot normally, but it’s something I want to
play around and get the feel. That’s the key, don’t think too much, just play around ’til you
get a good combination. Let me try another one. I really felt like the loft
came off that club that time. Then do it on a bigger scale and so on. Play around with it, you’ll
have some success with it. Let’s look at the other one. Okay, one of my favorite
things in teaching, you bet. This little yellow broom, I’ve cut it off to about the length of the
three-wood, it’s lightweight. Here’s the point, if you had to sweep a cement floor or something
and flick dust forward, you would need some lean of
the bristles, you would need some shaft lean and some
pressure against the ground. What you wouldn’t need
though is the entire broom smashing down towards the concrete floor. You’d need that if you were gonna try to kill an animal, a rat
or something like that. We’re not, we’re trying
to sweep the floor. So people usually with a
pretty small amount of thinking can figure out a way to make the broom brush but still get the
bristles to lean forward. And you’ll notice as that
happens, the handle is actually rising a little through the golf ball. That’s what you see with great players. Again, there’s enough forward
lean that it will average out to a slight downward hit
that the handle is rising. Why would the handle be rising? Well, certainly we are not trying to pull it away and
chicken wing the thing. That is definitely not
something we are trying to do. We’re trying to get a nice
pop of the arms down there. But what causes it to rise,
when you’re bent forward, you’re lead side is gonna rotate up as you go through, and of course, your lead arm is attached
to that so it will ride up. In addition to that, your
hips should be thrusting and tucking a little towards the target. That adds a little bit of side
bend to the spine like this, and that combination gives
you that little bit of rise. You still got plenty of room
for your arms to go out there. Grab a broom or something,
if you don’t have one or you don’t have a short
one, get a golf club, get on the carpet there or on the tee, just practice level and
practice tucking your hips underneath you until you just feel that club tick the ground a little bit. Again, these are things
you have to master, nobody can tell you exactly how it feels. It isn’t that difficult, and again, go small swings then big ones,
you’ll get the hang of it. Well I hope that helps you with
how to hit your irons pure. You can do this, have fun with the drills. If you like this video,
subscribe to the YouTube channel. is my home website, have full courses there, and I hope you’ll check that out, thanks.

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