– Well, good morning. Adam Bazalgette here in beautiful Naples, Florida
at The Club at Mediterra. I wanna talk to you today about
to fix a slice with hybrids. I’m two-time PGA Teacher of
the Year Award winner down here and founder of Scratch Golf Academy. Stay tuned. We’ll look at these hybrids. (throbbing music) So let’s take a look. If you slice hybrids, let’s see if we can help you out a little bit. If you like the video, by the way, just subscribe to the channel. We’ll get you lots and
lots more free content. Hit the thumbs up button, if you like it. I’d appreciate it. Let’s get started. Me tell you something, job
one when you fix a slice with the hybrids or any
club for that matter is to get a sense of what’s going on. Now invariably, there’s
two things happening. Number one, the swing is almost
certainly too much across the target line to the
left, and without a question of a doubt, relative to the swing, the club faces open at contact. That’s the only way you can
get the ball to peel right. Now it’s possible to
swing more down the line with an open face then you’ll
really get a right peeler, but generally, people swing to the left. The real critical thing to
fix first, in my opinion, I’ve been doing this a long time and watched a lot of
people struggle with this, is get the club face in a better position. It’s only once you get the
club face aimed relatively true to the swing and start getting
solid straight ball flight, or even a little draw if
the club face closes a bit that you can start to effectively
get your swing on line. Telling you, if you are a
having a tendency slicing the ball, your subconscious is
trying to help you stop that, and if the club face isn’t changing, if it’s consistently a little bit open, the only plausible way to
keep the ball in front of you and on the golf course is
to swing more to the left because at least that gives it a chance to work back into play. It is so difficult
mentally and emotionally if you’re losing balls to
the right to start to try to swing to the right or
swing more from the inside ’cause the reality is it only
makes your problem worse. So let’s start with what I
think is a place to start and that’s the club face. Now I’m gonna approach
the camera close here and show you something. You wanna do this at home. If you’ve got a club, take
the club out and do this. That is a square club face. You can see within a degree or two, it’s straight up and down. That is a closed club face. We don’t need all this
to close the club face. We have to turn it more
towards the ground. Have a lot of people in golf lessons say, “Well, how do I close the club face?” It’s not that difficult. Just hold it in front of you and do that. Whatever that feels like to
you is closing the club face. Certainly, your grip
might need a look-see. You need a grip that has mobility
and is in such a position, maybe a little more over here, that makes it easier to do that. We got lots of information on the grip back at my website,, but we’re gonna assume
your grip for a moment. Get yourself at least comfortable when you stand there with a
club till you can do that. Now here’s another little
word of, I hope, of wisdom, if I don’t oversell myself here. If you pull too hard with
your arms through the shot and pull too hard, it is very difficult to get the club to close. The way that energy is
transferred from the golfer to the club efficiently is
the same as cracking a whip, and that is to say as
you get nearer impact, your body and then arms start to slow down which transfers energy
out to the golf club. Think of a whip, you’d stall
the handle to snap the whip, so you’ve gotta work
on this in conjunction with the snap down there. And what I would recommend is do it on a small scale initially. Again this is a 20-degree hybrid. Make a little back swing,
and just snap the face down with a little energy popping out there, and go ahead and let that ball hook. You see how far left that went? Hit yourself a couple of these
little smothering kinda hooks to start with till you
get the feel for it. So now the little thing I would tell you when you’re working on your golf, you gotta be a little bit playful, you gotta make a few
exaggerations and mistakes and just play a little bit. You’ll get the best results. You will not get the best results sticking a bunch of swing
thoughts in your head and trying for a perfect
result first time. That is not a good way to
free up and get a good result. So once you’ve done that,
you started to feel that, do that a little less severely, and you can see that one was relatively straight there,
maybe just a little turn on it, then start to do it on a
little bit bigger scale and go back to the small scale. If they go a little bit
left, don’t worry about it, as long as the ball isn’t
curving to the right, you’re improving your club face position. Once you get some confidence, hey, I’m missing balls to the
left and it’s curving left, then you’re in a place to
start working a little more on your swing plane and swing path, got lots of videos on that. So in summary, if the ball
is slicing with your hybrids, club face is open in relation to the swing and it’s likely your swing is to the left. First thing to do, discover
what a square club feels like, or a closed club preferably. Secondly, realize you have to
transfer energy into the club and snap into that position
a little bit to get it there. You can’t just pull your arms
through and hope it closes. And thirdly, get a little playful. Play around on a small scale. Develop some skill, develop
at least a pull draw and then work in to try
and get your swing on line and hit the proper-size
draw or the proper draw that would start a
little more to the right. Hope this helps you. Well, if you like the video, please subscribe to the channel. There’s lots of free content, and we’ll be getting you a
lot more coming down the line. I’ve got a course down here free for you if you wanna try to add
some distance to your shots. That’ll talk about how to
transfer energy to the club. Hope you’d find that helpful. Again my name’s Adam, Hope this helps you fix
that slice with hybrids. (throbbing music) (computer mouse clicking)

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