Golf R – mounting front license plate

hello Golf R world the license plates for the Golf R came today I’ve gone ahead and mounted the back one and in this video I’ll be showing you how to mount the front license plate. it was pretty convenient for volkswagen to provide the front mounting bracket and the associated hardware let’s go ahead and get started So this thing… seems basically useless! so in my research I found this tow hook inlet right here on the bumper is probably going to be our best bet for getting that front plate mounted now I looked at a couple different models. I looked at the platypus for example and a couple of others but none of them specifically stated that they were going to be able to mount the front license plate without interfering with the parking sensors. so i ended up finding a company called rho plate and as you can see from the diagram here they have several dozen different mounting options and one of those seems like it would likely be able to work without blocking those front parking sensors in addition it also helped that they have specific statement on their website stating that it will not interfere with the mark7 parking sensors. so, that’s the company that I ended up going with and that’s the rho-plate v2 for the Golf R of which I have a 2017 model. alright let’s take a look inside and see what we got here. Rho Plate version 2 you for the Golf R are instructions on how to hook everything up. optional accessories box that doesn’t have anything in it. mounting hardware. mounting bolt. and the mounting plate. I just put my thumb in here and pushed and I kind of went in a little bit you know I’m just kind of gently wiggling this out we’ve got this attached plastic piece right here and i think this is just going to hang out for a second until I figure out what to do with that permanently. as you can see we can now mount that that bolt in there which is going to hold that front plate. Lets get this in here finger tight making sure not to cross-thread and then 3/4 socket and we’re just going to get it snug, doesn’t have to be super tight ok so we’ve got this receiving wheel it’s going to go here, held in by this screw so this is going to be able to pivot a little bit off of that and then it goes into this cup here and then holder washer right here so we’re just going to mount that up with a hex driver real quick go ahead and hand thread this real fast and the red dot right here supposed to be aligned towards the bottom. ok looking pretty good Going to go ahead and back this off a little bit and center that little bit more ok ok so this is going to be kind of permanently mounted and I don’t foresee ever putting this back on with this type of setup unless i move to a different state or something I’ve gone ahead and pulled this out from the space right here and I just had to kind of wiggle it a little bit and it popped right out and i’ll keep this if i ever sell the car or something but I don’t want this bouncing around and damaging the paint or something to that effect. so I’m going to go ahead and take this off for now and I think we’re ready to go ahead and mount the plate. according to the directions the most optimal location is right here on these three identified screws mounting to these three right here with this top bolts being towards the top so should be able to slide that in being good shape and we’ll make sure that it’s not blocking any sensors here in just a moment. ok so this is the Rho Plate version 2 mounted on the 2017 Golf R and again this is pretty much infinitely adjustable so i can see here that by the recommendation in the manual that we’re not blocking this parking sensor and we’re not blocking this parking sensor. you got good clearance here we’re not blocking any air flow which APR stated on their testing that so if you mount here it can adversely affect performance and you can obviously adjust this in anyway you see fit to make sure if you have any problems that you can adjust this so that it doesn’t trip a sensor of anything like that. so overall pretty pleased. This is what it kind of looks like. To be honest the front plate kind of takes away from the look of the vehicle a little bit but not much you can do, it’s the law! and overall pretty pleased with the Rho Plate. so, if this video helped you out go ahead and click the like button and subscribe for more golf r videos figure

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