– Hi. Adam Bazalgette, founder
of Scratch Golf Academy. I’m back here in beautiful Mediterra Club in Naples, Florida. Today’s subject’s an important
one and a good one, I think. Golf posture at address and
drills to help you get it right. (upbeat music) It’s very important that you
get your golf posture right. You gotta have a good
address, and I’ll show you three drills that I think will
really help you get it right, and importantly, maintain
it in a good position. If you like the video, please
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there and check it out. Full courses in every aspect of the game. Let’s have a look. Very briefly we’ll look at the posture of a few great players. Give you some parameters
before we get to those drills. There’s Sam Snead on the left,
Charles Howell on the right. One of the things you’ll
notice is, in general, great players will have their ankles, underneath their hip joint there, which is in the middle of their
pant leg pretty much there. But what you’ll see also there is, hey, different looking postures,
different physiques. The basic thing is they’re
bent from the hips, they’re bent forward,
but different players, as you see there, will make that look a little bit different. Let’s have a look at a
couple more examples. How about Adam Scott,
there, and how about, we’ll put Fuzzy Zeller there. Again, basic same ideas,
but they’re just not built with the same body, so
they’re going to look a little bit different. Okay, here’s drill number one. This is an approximation
of a good posture. It’ll get ya’, at least as
we say, in the ballpark. And that is this. If you stand nicely
tall, like you’re talking to someone in a business
meeting, get your grip, and just let the weight of the club deploy down there a little bit. Your club will be, give or take, a foot, foot and a half from the ground. Now without sticking your tail back, just bending from the hips, how much bend does it take you to ground the club out? That’s about how much bend
you need in your posture. Once you’ve done that, just
a little set of the knees, and you’re at least gonna be pretty close to being in the right situation. So we reference the ankle and the hip when we looked at the tour pros, so, get an alignment rod,
stick it in the ground. Get that thing about
opposite your ankle there. Your hip is right behind
your pocket there. You can feel for it. And just get yourself where they line up. And when you do that,
and kinda get comfortable in your posture, you know
you’re in pretty good shape. So this is really my favorite drill from maintenance of good posture. Select a club you wanna use. I’m gonna select an eight iron here. Set up where you’re up
against an alignment rod. Ideally you’d do this in front of a mirror to make sure you’re really happy with it. But once you’ve gone
through your adjustments, and you’ve gone through your drills, and you really say to yourself, hey, with no concern for hitting a ball, I feel like this is my really
good posture with this club. Simply drop the club down
and take a measurement how far you are from the
ball with that shaft. Let me show you up close. So for me with my eight
iron, about the corner of the club head, if that’s
opposite the middle of the ball, I’m right on that logo on my shaft. There’s all kinds of ways you can do it. Bottom of the grip to a line on the shaft. Get a reference though, that
you can easily go back to with that club, and you’ll
be in the right position each time. I think this is a great
way to actually begin a practice session is
just to measure that out and make that your first
few set-ups of the day. At least once you’re warmed up enough to hit the club you’ve chosen, something in the middle,
I’ve chosen an eight, and it’ll sort of set the
tone for you wanna feel. And even though where the
clubs are a little longer or shorter, for the most
part, it’s gonna feel just about exactly the same, they’ll just stick out
a little bit further. It’ll set the tone and
get you in great position for a consistently good posture. So I hope that helps
you with a consistently good golf posture there at address. Hope those drills are useful for you. Again if you like the
video, please subscribe. Would love to have you check
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aspect of the game there. Thanks for watching the video.

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