Golf Pitching | How to Golf Pitch Shot
Golf Pitching | How to Golf Pitch Shot

golf pitching does your golf game need improvement how
to break eighty is a comprehensive instructional guide that addresses all
aspects of the games such as swing course management in
mental strategies become a better golfer today although this is Patrick van in PGA
professional here to give you a great tip on on how to work your body better when
you’re hitting your pitch shot ever notice when you watching golf on TV
those players are always picks in their shirts and pulling up their sleeves you think you
with all the money they’re making that you’d be able to go out and buy a shirt that actually fit
some all what they’re doing is they’re actually using the sure it is a training
aid golf pitching you taking the corner the right sure
talking it under their left armpit doing the same on the right
side actually hold them together get yourself in the setup now if you
keep the connection have your upper arm in
your upper body together as you swing back and through it’s more
of a body swing notice that I don’t keep my head down
writer my body back in through facing the target as opposed
to a blue shirt I’m talked is that a lot of players are swinging
this way we get a lot of space between the arms
tech you showed up under your armpits get yourself in the setup and then keep
that shirt tucked between your upper arm and upper body as
you swing back in through you get much more crisp it charts the
get some or all of the little bit it’s been on give it a try good luck you’re going to
miss you know you to use you like a broom mentions your average the word ninja we
just my mission will not believe I’m really needed he doesn’t matter whether you’re a
wonderfully he happened to be in the capital you need to loosen pleaded with me the
strategies importantly Graham will not deliver you really can quickly lead notably eighty years ago released Virginia drizzly and speaks to me
messages sleepless management in mental strategies the puter just so
many things you learn the movement techniques to get you the news
and news instantly listen to me the link resistance we knew
how to handle traditionally simply putting series with me see little game plan and much much more the community room 301 easier than you
think includes only the Red Room 17 shots from
your wish is my this weekend in russia usually only a few moments
during eighty and leadership is going to be like the
brady golf pitching

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