Golf My Way – Ball Position

the more things you can do right before you swing the golf club the easier the game of golf becomes ball position is one of those fundamental elements that must be done correctly if you want to consistently hit good golf shots I say the ball should be played off just inside the left heel why do I say that well I think you have to understand the elements in the golf swing that make that happen the first one is that the golf club travels on a path along the ground that as the body turns and the club comes back opens to the line of the target it then comes back to the ball and at one point during the swing that clubface is relatively Square to the target and then passes through and closes and moves off to the left the second element in the golf swing is that the club comes up in the air as it comes on the backswing and at one point in the swing that club reaches the bottom of its arc and just prior to the bottom of that arc is where you want to make impact with the golf ball the club then continues on up again so it’s the convergence of those two elements which dictate where you want the golf ball played in their stance and for most people as you try to move to your left side that position will occur just inside your left heel the average golfer who places the ball improperly in the stance causes himself many problems let’s just take for example the golfer plays the ball too far up in a stance what does he do well if he were corrected address he would be here well now he’s got to move up he changed his shoulder his head position and his body angle and resulting those results are probably the hill swing outside and down across the ball and hit down on a very sharply and not get a very pretty shot now the golfer who plays the ball too far back in his stance just the opposite problem happens for him his body angle becomes too far back his shoulders become close and he swings on a much lower playing back here and he swings more up on the ball and usually hits the ball high to the right or you might sometimes see the fella who swings out over the top too so he causes a multiple of problems but it’s all caused by the original position of being back behind the ball obviously the correct position is off the left heel to try to help yourself with off the left heel alignment think in terms of having a perpendicular line to the line of your target or where your feet are going try to place that off the left heel and if you can do that and think about a shot after shot I think your chances of being consistent are certainly much greater how about that you

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