Golf Mental Game – How to Maintain Focus in Golf
Golf Mental Game – How to Maintain Focus in Golf

– So the one thing that I often
see when I look at golfers and we’re looking at the way they’re putting their rounds together and maybe looking at their scorecards, so they tell me they’re
having nine really good holes and often nine really bad holes. Maybe the front nine they went out a couple underneath their handicap and then playing down the back
nine everything went wrong, they hit one bad shot off the 10th tee because they just counted
the scores up on the ninth so the ninth green,
they’d added the scores. It work out it was going
well, stood on the 10th, panicked, carved it out of bounds and the back nine’s an awful
lot worse than the front nine. Sometimes people flip that around. They get right nervous on the first. They start off badly,
they play nine holes. They get to the 9th green,
they mark the scorecard, they realize how badly they’re doing and they just forget about it, think, Well today’s not
gonna be a good day, I’ll just relax now. They relax and they start
playing great golf again. And eventually they put
together quite a decent round. But it’s been spoiled by that bad start. So, either way we’re doin’ this, people tend to have a
natural break in the middle. For some reason we mark our
scorecard after the ninth, we add the scores up,
we have a quick chat, who’s doing what to who, who’s winning, maybe we’ve got a couple of pounds, couple of dollars on either nine so you’re up a few quid,
you’re down a few quid and then you play the back
nine slightly differently. Now I would rather you
change the mentality, change the focus slightly
differently here. What I think we could
do slightly differently break the round up into
three-hole sections. So you play three holes, then
you play another three holes, then you play another three holes. And you repeat that
again on the back nine. So there’s six little mini
rounds going on in your head. If you’re playing a golf course
that you know quite well, you might also, within those three holes, set yourselves little targets. So, for the first three holes, if they’re a difficult three holes, maybe you’d be happy to get
through those three holes level or even maybe one over your handicap. So if you play the first
three holes and you’re level or you’re one over, that’s great. You’ve done really well,
you hit your target. And then you would set yourself a target for the next three holes and the following three holes after that. So if the middle section tends
to be a little bit easier, maybe those three holes
are playing downwind or has your favorite hole on it, you could maybe set your
self a little mental target of playing those three holes one under, maybe even two under your handicap if you think that’s feasible. Got to make sure these
goals are achievable, something that you can actually achieve. Not too easy, not too difficult. Then within that, we
want to try and make sure that all the scores
that we’re gonna add up with these little three-hole bundles should aim to be around about four shots under your current handicap. So if you achieved every target
along the three-hole bundles you would be four under. There’s not point in
setting yourselves targets where you finish the round in your mind on these three-hole
bundles and guess what, you’re 18 under par. That isn’t gonna be realistic,
that isn’t gonna happen. You’re never going to
be able to achieve that on the golf course. So make sure you set yourselves targets where you’re thinking about
being level on three holes, one under on three holes,
level on the next three, couple under on the next
three, something like that, something that’s achievable. And then, if you achieve
your target, great. Take the positive mental
confidence from that, move on to the next hole,
the next bundle of three. However, if you don’t make
your target on three holes, don’t worry about it, forget them, carry on to the next three. Play those next three like
another little mini round. And that will stop you having
this big uplift for nine holes then tailing off for nine holes. Hopefully when you finish
at the end of the 18 you add up all those
little three-hole bundles you’ve had yourself quite a nice round, couple under your handicap would be good.

3 thoughts on “Golf Mental Game – How to Maintain Focus in Golf”

  1. Stephen Oakes says:

    This is some of the best advise I have ever received 💪🏻

  2. David Turver says:

    That is actually a good idea, and practical. I don't have to sit on the first tee with my legs crossed and meditate, before my first shot..

  3. TheGolfster3 says:

    Awesome advice! I will certainly put this process into effect! Thank you for the video 🙂

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