♪♪♪♪>>Welcome to “Golf Life,” a
show focused on your golf lifestyle. This is Omni La Costa, a beautiful golf resort
in Southern California. We’re going to show you everything this place
has to offer. Some friends and I — we’re going out to the
course.>>La Costa has got quite a history. It opened up in 1965, so we recently had our
50-year anniversary. There’s a lot of interesting stories about
how it was funded, how it was paid for, who used to frequent the hotel. A lot of celebrities obviously came here. It started off, you know, very small. I think it was like $20 to stay here and play
and very intimate. And, obviously, over the years, the place
has expanded into what it is now. And, so, where we’re at now is about 650 hotel
rooms. We’ve got seven different pools, two golf
courses, full-service spa, one of the best spas in the country. It’s incredible. And Golf Performance Institute, 17 tennis
courts. So it’s kind of a city within its own city. But it’s just a very special place, and it’s
kind of an intangible that it’s hard to describe, but once you get here, you feel it. It’s just a very comfortable place, laid-back,
Southern California, Carlsbad, just a great vibe here.>>Omni La Costa can provide something for
everybody, especially if it’s a family traveling. They have a great pool, a spa, restaurants,
the golf course. So if that is what they want to do — And
I just think it’s a great place to come spend the day, spend a weekend, spend a week, because
there’s so much to do. The facilities are great, and you can never
get bored.>>We’ve got the VUE Restaurant, which is
our three-meal-a-day, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Amazing view, obviously. That’s why they call it The VUE. Bob’s Steak & Chop House is really popular. It’s been voted one of the best steak houses
in Southern California. And then Diversions is our sports bar that’s
right off the lobby that is a great place to watch an event. ♪♪♪♪>>Omni La Costa is a beautiful
resort. The golf course is amazing. It was in tremendous shape. Beautiful views everywhere. The greens were in perfect condition. And, I mean, had a great day out here hitting
that little golf ball all around. There’s no bad days on this golf course. My first impression of the golf course was
just stunning. As soon as you pull or walk out of the golf
shop, you’re just looking at a wide view of some water, beautiful greenery, flowers. I mean, it’s just stunning. As I’m driving around, you know, driving over
bridges, driving past water, winding down all around the course from hole to hole is
really a pleasant drive.>>I’m really proud to be here, and I think
a lot of our associates that work at La Costa feel the same way. I mean, we have people that are celebrating
40-year, 50-year milestones that have been here 40, 50 years. In hospitality, that’s really rare. So I think that says something about this
place, that people really love coming here. It’s kind of like coming to work with your
friends. Our members are great people. Our guests are great people. So it’s just a nice place to be. I’d love people to just know that when they
come to La Costa, we’re going to take great care of them. We have very friendly, friendly staff that
we’re all about hospitality. So we want you to have an awesome time, and
when you come here, we have great courses. The weather is incredible. If you like beer, we have an awesome beer
scene in San Diego County. So, you can go out. You can walk the golf course. You can take a scooter. You can do — There’s a lot of different things
you can do at La Costa when you play golf that you can’t get anywhere else, so I’d just
love for you to come and experience it, check out the awesome weather. We’ve got great little beach cities. It’s just a really cool place to be. So if you haven’t been, you should definitely
come. If you’d like to book a room, book a tee time,
or learn more about our property or learn about membership, visit us on our website
at>>Now let’s learn how you can get in contact
with top teachers like Devan Bonebrake using the V1 Golf app.>>I’ve had a great outcome using V1 with
my own businesses. Since I’ve opened up, it’s gone through the
roof because of V1. And the biggest thing is that what I love
is the most is that I can send, very easily to their phone, most importantly, a video
recap of the whole lesson. I can talk about it. I can show them drills. I can attach drills. I can even put, like, a little promo on the
back and the front, so they remember where it came from, and also, people can’t really
say they forgot something because it’s right there in their video. I’ve gotten, over the years and just in general
right now, inundated with so many videos and questions, and even people I’ve taught 10
years ago will send me something. And, you know, I just say, “Hey, just send
it through the app. Send it through the app. I can really easily get back to you.” It’s really easy for me to keep track. If someone’s getting a little bit off, I can
watch it. They know the angles they’re supposed to kind
of shoot it from, and I can give them that feedback right away. They don’t necessarily have to fly here. You know, a lot of the intense stuff, yeah,
we got to do in person, but for quick-check stuff, they can send me a video, quickly send
it back, and then I can get a text later, “Hey, shot 67. Thanks for the help. It was way better today.” I get a lot of those. Very, very satisfying to get stuff like that,
especially from juniors that are just working their butts off to get as good as they can. Awareness is everything. So I think V1 is being able to show people
that, “Hey, other instructors are using this same app in your area — If this is how you
like to learn, if this is something you’re interested, these are the types of people
that are going to be close by that you can go reach out to and take a lesson from.” So I think people having an awareness of not
just who’s in their area but who’s in their area that’s using the type of technology that
they’re looking for. You know, nothing’s worse than signing up
for a lesson or a class or whatever, and it’s not what you expect. So that kind of gives you the confidence you
can go into it, and you’re going to get something very powerful out of it.>>The V1 Sports Program is changing the way
players and instructors connect. To learn more about the V1 Golf app, go to or download the V1 Golf app today. When we return, we show you a golf-ball company
that has changed the game forever. And we give you a tour around the unique Monterey
Park Golf Shop. Later, we highlight a shaft company that is
making it easier for customers to find the right shaft for their game. All that next.>>Do you know why a wooden golf tee splits
at impact? The cup of the tee creates friction, and the
force of the ball splits the wood tee. This also increases golf-ball backspin, resulting
in less distance. We created the Survivor Golf Tee, designed
with Center Prong Technology, so the golf ball has the lowest possible contact and friction
with the golf tee. In fact, we tested with the Iron Byron to
ensure it provides the lowest ball spin available. Less spin means more distance. We named it Survivor because it’s the most
durable performance golf tee on the market today. The advanced polymer provides flexibility
and snaps back, so you can use it round after round. Survivor provides the lowest ball spin, greatest
overall distance, and maximum ball speed of any other golf tee. Head over to to get our
free-shipping offer or find Survivor Golf Tees on or just visit your local
golf retailer and ask for the Survivor Golf Tee. Visit to get the performance
golf tee that will change your game.>>Here’s Mike Billingsley with the story
of the Volvik golf balls.>>We love to tell you stories in the golf
industry. Here’s the story of Volvik. This is a little golf-ball company that changed
the game forever. Volvik came out with the first-ever mat-finish
golf ball and sold them like crazy. They really impacted the game by bringing
fun to the game. Whether it was their Marvel line or their
multicolor line, with 13 different color options and logoed golf balls for kids, they’ve really
made an impact in the industry. The thing that makes Vivid a great golf ball
is that ultimate distance with that optimized compression. Most people have a slower swing speed, so
you need a little softer feel and greater energy transfer from a lower-compression golf
ball. That less glare on that golf ball is going
to increase your visibility and your focus, and because of the multiple color options,
pick the color for you and get better course management and ball striking due to unique
color enhancement. Once established, Volvik set their marks on
the best players in the world, and they’ve had super success on tours with their S4. This is a four-piece golf ball. I’ve played it. It’s tremendous. With the S4, you’re going to find outstanding
durability and increased spin control with the new VU-X urethane cover. Explosive distance is gained with the S4 because
of the exceptional energy transfer generated by the power dual core. The S4 will provide you stable and consistent
ball flight with that high-performance urethane four-piece construction. The S4 was designed for players seeking a
tour-quality golf ball. So, I find the story of Volvik to be a great
story for those that want flair and style in their game. For them to change the golf-ball landscape
like they did with their mat finish is exceptional, and this S4 is a quality golf ball that I
think you’ll enjoy. Head over to your golf retailer, buy a box
of both, try them out. I think you’ll enjoy them. Or go to to learn more.>>From Monterey, California, this is the
Monterey Park Golf Shop.>>We’re here in Los Angeles, California,
at the Monterey Park Golf Shop. This is one of the more unique golf shops
in America. Why? Because they got unique golf products. Let’s go check it out. First thing that you’re going to see — a
full display of G/Fore. Check these bad boys out. Hard to find those anywhere else. But you got Nike, Adidas, ECCO, FootJoy — everything
you need for the everyday golfer. Everybody wants to look good on the golf course. Monterey Park Golf Shop has got you taken
care of. We got MDC, Chervo from Italy. You’re going to look beautiful in that. You want to look good, so they’ve got G/Fore,
PXG. Ooh. It’s kind of cold in here. Last but not least, J.Lindeberg — beautiful,
comfortable, stylish on the golf course. As we make our way to the other side of the
golf shop, you’re going to find a display of amazing golf clubs — Honma, Majesty, XXIO. Speaking of Majesty, I want to show you a
set of golf clubs right here. Monterey Park Golf Shop is an authorized dealer
for Majesty. Check these bad boys out. I’m going to bring in my good friend Don,
all the way from Los Angeles. Don, tell me about these golf clubs.>>Yes. We are formally known as Maruman. Now we under new name, Majesty Golf. This is a top-of-the-line Prestigio, even
best of best, and this is 24-karat-gold-plated. And this one has a black — And this is one
of the four set in the nation.>>One of four in the nation right here at
Monterey Park. Find products like this at Monterey Park Golf
Shop. Get here now. ♪♪♪♪ So, my good friend Don allowed
me to take this Majesty driver out on their two-tier driving range, one of the many perks
of the Monterey Park Golf Shop. Oh, that is pure.>>If you want to learn more about Majesty
and the history behind these clubs, visit the Monterey Park Golf Shop or visit While staying and playing golf in Los Angeles,
“Golf Life” stays at The Bicycle Hotel & Casino. With dozens of awesome golf properties like
the Monterey Park Golf Shop just minutes from the property, The Bike is perfect to host
your foursome, a trip to the spa, great dining options, and, of course, the ability to play
cards, with a full cardroom, and all levels of poker, baccarat, and blackjack. The Bike is one of the biggest cardrooms in
the country, with quality play and great dealers. Make sure you check out The Bicycle Hotel
& Casino for your next trip to Los Angeles. Next on “Golf Life,” Penley Shafts could be
the difference in your golf game with their newest line of golf shafts. Plus, we go out to Rolling Hills Country Club
for a tip from Devan Bonebrake. Later, we get to ride the Phat Scooters on
the coastline at the Monarch Beach Golf Links. We’ll be right back.>>I tell you what — golf is so much fun,
and if you can get better quickly, it’s really great, and we want to help you. We found this product called BTS Golf, and
we think it’s wonderful. It is a video lesson series that’s online,
on your phone with a training tool that helps you learn all the key positions of the golf
swing. And what’s more, it’s custom for your golf
swing. What that means is — if you’re tall with
short arms or you’re short with long arms or you’ve got square shoulders, you send in
some photos of yourself, and they’ll send you back the videos specifically for you. has worked with thousands of golfers,
and they can help you. I’ve learned so much using the BTS system
for my own swing. I’d love you to head over to There’s videos there that you can learn more. Don’t just take my word for it. It’s risk-free, but I want you to be convinced. So head over to right now to learn
more.>>Sit tight. You’ll be on the back nine with “Golf Life”
in a moment. ♪♪♪♪>>Now here’s the story of a
performance shaft company that has been helping champions optimize their drivers for decades. Penley Golf Shafts was created by Carter Penley,
an aerospace engineer and an expert in composites.>>My name is Carter Penley. I design and manufacture golf shafts. I’ve been doing it for 35 years.>>His latest invention is called Ready To
Play. It’s simple. You order your high-performance Ready To Play
and your optimal flex, and the shaft is shipped directly to you with the correct adjustable
sleeve for your driver. Carter has the secret recipe others are trying
to figure out. What golfers have learned is — the shafts
perform.>>It feels good. I can feel it’s quite stable through the hitting
area. It comes off with, you know, pretty low spin. That’s a factor that I look for. Any kind of shots that has characteristics
like a more stout profile, lower launch, lower spin, I think that really helps for a better
player, such as myself. I think a lot of different, you know, shaft
options for this regular player, any kind of player, you know, you’re going to find
something that will work for them.>>Our hosts, Mike and Colton, tested different
shafts with different head options. Mike worked with Carter and found two shafts
with different feel but equally effective performance.>>So, basically, I’m going to change the
engine in my driver here. Now, we’re going to hit different heads, but
the point is that you have a Ready To Play shaft, so I can get the right shaft for the
head I bought. I tried your regular. I felt like with the regular, I had more misses
because it was a little bit on the tip for me. But right in the middle there, with that S1
versus the R1, I found that the S1 gave me tremendous consistency.>>Most of my design goes into that tip. That tip is critical. And I got some very exotic, expensive materials
in there that I am one of the few people that still use it, but it makes the shaft work
better, and that’s where we get this –>>So better materials, custom design, and expertise. You’ve got this line, in Ready To Play, for
every one of these head combinations for the five leading manufacturers. That’s the brilliance of this.>>Correct. The shaft doesn’t get affected by the adapter. That way, when you get that shaft and you
put it in, there’s no touching or cutting or anything like that.>>You just put it in play. Put a new engine in your driver.>>That’s right. And guys do that.>>Love it.>>Guys in offices, doctors — they’ll want
to play out. They’ll get it Wednesday morning, and they’ll
put that shaft in and go play it right away.>>And call you and say, “This is so fun!”>>”It’s working better. Yeah, it works good now,” yeah.>>”This is fun.”>>Colton, with a very high swing speed, often
struggles with stiff-shaft drivers. With Penley’s Ready To Play shafts, he was
able to test the stiff and extra stiff in different heads. The results were immediate — huge distance
and consistency.>>So, I have two heads — Cobra, TaylorMade. Put in stiff shafts in both and an extra-stiff
shaft in both. Both of the heads performed, but what the
difference was, was the shaft. The stiff shaft, I was hitting the ball all
over the place, really couldn’t control it, but with the extra stiff, consistency, distance. The results were outstanding. Mike, we’re out here at beautiful La Costa.>>Yeah.>>What’d you think of the whole process?>>Mr. Penley has been making shafts for 35
years. He’s worked with the top players in the long-drive
world. These guys live and die by their driver. That’s what they do. So these shafts are really, really good. They’re the engine. What I noticed is that they were so consistent,
and then I was able to choose my head and I was able to put the same shaft in different
heads once I found the right shaft. The shaft is the engine. That’s what you’ve got to get, and if you
can get a Ferrari versus, let’s say, a Nissan, you know, I’m going to drive the Ferrari.>> Go on their website, or you can give Mr. Penley
a phone call. He’s going to love to talk to you. Get yourself a Penley shaft. It’s going to change your golf game.>>Hey, it’s Ready To Play. You order it, the next day, drop it into your
head, your favorite head, and you’ve got a finely tuned driver with a super-good golf
shaft.>>>>From Rolling Hills Country Club, here’s
a tip from Devan Bonebrake using the new Swing Align training tool.>>All right. What do I got on here? Two Swing Align devices — lower body, upper
body. The body is the engine of the golf swing,
and understanding how to use it properly is going to give you big gains in distance, consistency,
and your quality ball striking. A lot of my students feel like they can’t
turn enough going back. They say, “It’s old age,” or they’re too tight,
but a lot of times, it’s because they’re not using their lower body correctly. Let’s talk about how this device can really
show you and enable you to use that lower body and make a nice little turn. So what you’re going to do is, you’re going
to set up. You’re going to try to make sure that the
upper Swing Align and the lower Swing Align are straight and parallel, and same thing
with the line on the ground. As you go back, you’re going to try to make
sure your upper body outturns your lower body, but you still want to make a big turn with
your hips. The more you turn your hips, guess what — the
more you can turn your shoulders. If I try to keep my hips still and turn my
shoulders back, that’s about as far as I can go. That’s what I see with a lot of players at
home is that as they go back, they can’t let their lower body rotate enough, or they’re
not aware of it enough, and being aware of how your lower half turns is going to make
a big impact on how much body rotation you have. Now, one big element in the golf swing is
the separation of the upper and lower — not only going back, but also in the transition. So that coil, that X-factor stretch, if you
will, that has a lot to with the sequencing coming down and what we call the kinematic
sequence, which is the order in which everything moves down. So once I’m at the top, a great exercise is
to try to feel like lower body is going to kind of go, while the upper body stays past
it for a second. From there, then your lower body and upper
body can sync up a little bit more, and you can probably just go into impact. But you want to feel like there’s a little
bit of a period of time in that transition, where that upper body is passive, that lower
body starts to go. You’re going to look at the lower rod, try
to get that to go, while keeping the upper rod in the same place. For all of you over-the-top players, players
that are out of sequence, starting with the arms, this is absolutely perfect. A great drill is to go all the way back, make
a nice little turn with your hips and shoulders, and try to keep the shoulders pretty passive
as you shift and unwind. One, two, three, reset up. Try to feel that same transition after you’ve
set up when there’s a ball. And this is something you can get yourself. It’s not something that you can only use in
lessons. I love my students buying these, practicing
with these, because it gives me a lot of trust and faith that they’re going to get better
in between lessons, and it does a lot of my work for them when I’m not around. Swing Align is the best. Check it out.>>Swing Align is a swing trainer you can
use anywhere to learn alignment, rotation, and connection. Visit to order your Swing
Align risk-free today. That’s Callaway Apparel, the official apparel provider
for “Golf Life’s” 20th season. Bring improvement to every movement with their
Swing Tech Technology. Maximize each shot with incredible range of
motion. From their polos to their pants, each piece
will give you confidence in design and comfort so you can perform at your best, no matter
the situation. Visit See the latest styles and colors.>>When we return, we go out to Monarch Beach
in Dana Point, California, to learn how they are utilizing the Phat Scooters. And A.J. Avoli, from Omni La Costa, gives us a great
swing tip. That’s next. We’re partnering with Cleveland and Srixon
Golf to give away golf balls and wedges to — that’s right — you, the fan. Cleveland is the leader in short-game play,
and we want you to be a part of the success by giving you multiple chances to win a new
Cleveland RTX 4 Wedge or a box of Srixon golf balls. Just sign up one time for multiple opportunities
to win at And get an extra entry by following us on Instagram @golflifetv. Sign up today at for your chance
to win. ♪♪♪♪>>The single-rider revolution
is taking over in California, and the Phat Scooters are making quite an impact at the
Monarch Beach Golf Links.>>Our brand is to be one with sort of the
surf scene and the skate and sort of the action-sports scene. So true to our own roots, when we’ve noticed
and heard about, like, Phat Scooters, you know, we wanted to look into it and see, first
of all, if they work and, secondly, how do they work here at Monarch Beach? And we brought them out and tested them and
trialed them out. They were super-popular and a lot of fun,
and we couldn’t say more about how much fun they are for our guests and for us as employees,
too, here at Monarch Beach. So, the Phat Scooter — it’s got wide tires,
which are great on grass, and it’s a pretty solid base. So whether you’re young or old, you’ve done
it before or you haven’t, I think it’s an easier thing to jump onto and try out. You know, a golf course is pretty wide, and
it’s kind of got rolling hills, so a Phat Scooter like these are pretty awesome because
they’re not real dangerous. You can just kind of go with the terrain,
and as long as you kind of go as fast as, you know, as your ability allows you to go,
you can really enjoy yourself. You can drive right to your ball, right up
on the edge of the green, right up on the tee box, and you can kind of go to your own
ball. You don’t have to wait for your partner. So, yeah, I would definitely say that any
single-rider unit like the Phat Scooter is certainly going to be faster once people get
accustomed to how they roll and how do you park it and how do you start it and those
types of things. When people see us using these out on the
golf course and you see them up by the clubhouse, they’re asking us about them, and I definitely
can see where people are going to start buying them and start to use these over, say, a golf
cart, because this is going to be a little bit more fun. You can let it rip a little bit and you can
enjoy the terrain. And I think these are going to start to take
off more and more as they become more popular in the marketplace.>>It’s unbelievable what these scooters can
do for you on and off the golf course. Check out what they have to offer at
Get one today. From Omni La Costa, here’s Director of Instruction
A.J. Avoli.>>We’re here at the Wall of Champions at
the wonderful Omni La Costa resort. And I’m here today on this Wall of Champions
to show you something that all of these champion golfers have done, and this is a drill to
help you keep the club in front of you through your swing. Many amateurs leave the club behind them,
and, as a result, they tend to hit fat and thin shots. So I want you to find a wall at home, preferably
one that’s not too high, about head height here, and I want you to be about a foot and
a half from the wall. You can even use your grip, and you want to
be about where the grip end comes out. And we’re going to get in our setup position
and we’re going to take some slow-motion swings, trying to keep the club in front of our chest
and not behind us here. A lot of amateurs get the club behind them
in the takeaway. So we want to keep the club in front of us,
keep turning up to the top of the swing, and then we’re going to come down into impact
and through to the follow-through. And we want to try to miss the wall. Now, some of you may not have a wall. You could use your garage door at home. Put a head cover on your club, just in case
you tend to hit the wall, and make some swings where we’re missing the wall. If you’re running into the wall, what’s happening
is, your hands are moving away from your body. So we want to keep the left arm more connected
to the body in the takeaway and then start hinging the club up to about shoulder height. As we come through, we’re going to try and
miss the wall. A lot of players tend to flip the club, which
you would hit the wall here. So we want to try to miss the wall as we go
through to our finish. I know this drill will help your game.>>Thanks for watching “Golf Life.” Don’t forget to visit us at and
sign up for weekly giveaways. Plus, find us on social media for daily golf
videos and reviews. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you at
the 19th hole.

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