♪♪♪♪>>Welcome to “Golf Life,” a
show focused on your golf lifestyle. Hundreds of amateur golfers from around the
world, representing their cities, states, and countries, back under the bright lights
of Las Vegas.>>Vegas, baby! Ah!>>This is America’s Golf Festival.>>Welcome to America’s Golf Festival! Whoo!>>Yeah, hey. [ Laughs ]>>Whoo!>>What do you think your chances are to win
today?>>Ah, they’re great.>>Whoo!>>Whoo!>>Whoo!>>Vegas would play host to those golfers
who made the trip for the sixth annual Golf Fest.>>Michigan!>>Boomer Sooner, baby!>>[Speaking indistinctly] in the house. Hey. [ Laughs ]>>Colorado, whoo!>>Awesome, whoo!>>Whoo!>>America.>>559.>>Texas boys right here.>>Cato, Mississippi.>>It’s all over the world, you know?>>Yes.>>The world golf scramble.>>A fun 3-day event to test all facets of
your game, all to crown the best scramble team in the United States in America’s Golf
Scramble.>>Whoo!>>I’m just saying, that was pretty good.>>Get it!>>Pop it.>>There you go.>>Whoo!>>Good shot.>>Oh!>>Roll!>>Oh, come on!>>It was supposed to go in the hole.>>Whoo-hoo!>>In the hole!>>Aw!>>By the way, I did better than this guy.>>Yes. ♪♪♪♪>>Hey!>>Oh, Mother!>>Start with the kickoff party and the Par-Tee
Scramble at the beautiful Bali Hai Golf Club, where ParMates join in on the fun.>>Welcome to the Par-Tee. Whoo!>>I’d like to welcome you to come out to
join the Par-Tee Scramble.>>Par-Tee Scramble!>>Vegas, baby.>>OCJ.>>Whoo!>>Par-Tee Scramble, it’s just a great time
to get out, get a little acclimated to the Vegas weather here, enjoy time with the brothers,
a beautiful caddie, have some fun.>>Caddie Kate takes care of all our beverages. She’s got the sign up. As you can see, it’s all over here on the
cart. When we get thirsty, she throws it out there.>>I have not contributed at all, and I’m
a horrible teammate, but I’m here to drink beer and have fun.>>Having a great time. This place is fantastic.>>So, my caddie gave me bad advice. And, you know, I guess she just kind of overestimated
my abilities, right? I mean, it’s at that point? 100%, definitely thought you were gonna be
a little bit better that you are.>>We got two hole in ones. I feel like we have a third coming up here.>>This is a great time.>>Mm-hmm.>>A beautiful course. It’s a lot of fun. Everyone is here to have a good time. I can’t wait to do it again next year.>>The victory dance, the victory dance. [ Laughter ]>>Move to Las Vegas Paiute and
compete in a two or four-person scramble for your chance at some serious cash.>>Yeah!>>Whoa! Yay! ♪♪♪♪ ♪♪♪♪>>Come on, Billy.>>Come on, Billy!>>Well, the course is unbelievable, so you
haven’t played this one, definitely when you come out here to Vegas, play this course.>>We love it. This is our third year, actually, doing it. I mean, this is the best venue out here.>>I’d say it’s a must-do, at least once. I know I’m already trying to figure out how
I’m going to get back down here next year. It’s been a blast.>>Yeah, since we got here, it’s been a good
time.>>OH, yeah.>>American Golf Festival rocks!>>Missed the event or want more? Join the fun January 23rd through the 25th
in Orlando, Florida, where America’s Golf Festival heads to Orange Lake Resort. Register today at That’s Resorts like Omni La Costa in Carlsbad, California,
are using the Phat Scooters to give their members a new, fun opportunity on the golf
course.>>We’re the only golf course in San Diego
County that offers the Phat Scooter, so it gives our members and our guests a really
cool opportunity to experience something that’s totally different in the golf industry. The single-rider mode is really intriguing
because you can send a foursome out first thing in the morning. They’re going to play in about 3 hours because
they’re going right to their ball. The scooter goes fast. It goes 20 miles an hour, which I like. You know, if you’re in a hurry or want to
just play fast, you can get to your ball much quicker, and you know, if you like motorcycle
and you like golf, it’s like getting two vices at once, so it’s a lot of fun.>>Today was my first experience with the
Phat Scooter, and I absolutely loved it. Took a minute to get on it and get the feel
for it. And then, once I got comfortable, I was racing
all around the course and having a lot of fun on it. I think the Phat Scooter is a great addition
to any golf course. I think it allows speed of play to improve. You can individually drive to your ball, which,
oftentimes, if you’re in a golf cart, sharing with somebody, you have to drive to different
balls. And I think the Phat Scooter is a great way
to alleviate what a lot of golfers complain about with the speed of play.>>The customers that come out, a lot of them,
it’s their first time here, because they don’t get to experience that anywhere else. So it’s doing everything that we want it to
do. It’s speeding up play, making us extra money,
bringing us new customers, and making our members happy. So if you haven’t had a chance to experience
the Phat Scooter, I would highly encourage you to come out to La Costa and enjoy the
beautiful weather, enjoy the beautiful golf courses. We have an awesome 19th hole, by the way,
when you finish your round. So I’d love for you to come out and try it
out. Experience it. It’s a great time. You’ll love it, and hopefully, you’ll come
back and try it again.>>It’s unbelievable what these scooters can
do for you on and off the golf course. Check out what they have to offer at Get one today. When we return, the director of instruction
at Omni La Costa uses two types of technology to help his students find the perfect swing;
we get an inside look at the Callaway Apparel’s 2019 fall collection; and we get a great golf
tip from YouTube sensation Aimee Cho. Don’t go anywhere.>>Do you know why a wooden golf tee splits
at impact? The cup of the tee creates friction, and the
force of the ball splits the wood tee. This also increases golf ball backspin, resulting
in less distance. We created the Survivor Golf Tee, designed
with center-prong technology, so the golf ball has the lowest possible contact and friction
with the golf tee. In fact, we tested with the Iron Byron to
ensure it provides the lowest ball spin available. Less spin means more distance. We named it Survivor because it’s the most
durable performance golf tee on the market today. The advanced polymer provides flexibility
and snaps back so you can use it round after round. Survivor provides the lowest ball spin, greatest
overall distance, and maximum ball speed of any other golf tee. Head over to to get our
free shipping offer, or find Survivor Golf Tees on, or just visit your local
golf retailer and ask for the Survivor Golf Tee. Visit to get the performance
golf tee that will change your game.>>Let’s go back out to Omni La Costa and
find out how A.J. Avoli is using the V1 system to help his students. We’re here at La Costa. Met up with our good friend, A.J. Avoli. A.J., how you doing today?>>Doing great.>>Good, good. Now, A.J., you work with a video system to
help your students, as well as the RoboGolf. Tell me a little bit about it.>>Yeah, so, I use the V1 Pro app. And I use that to take a look at the student’s
golf swing and try to diagnose some of the good things that they’re doing and some of
the errors that they’re making. And the video helps me communicate and interact
so that we’re on the same page as to our goals.>>So, obviously, we’re going to use the RoboGolf
and help find my swing and then translate that to V1.>>Yes, so, first thing we’re going to do
is videotape your swing as it is now, and then we’re going to put you on the robot and
build you your perfect swing. And the robot helps for you to see and feel
what the perfect swing will be like. We’ll videotape that, and then we’ll compare
and contrast it, too, on the V1 app.>>So, A.J. and I went out to the range, and
he captured my swing, down the line and face-on, using the V1 system. We then were able to bring it back to the
computer for some feedback.>>Okay, Colton, so, we’re going to take a
look at your swing here. First thing we want to look at is where your
balance is when you start. What I like to do is, I like to see the ball
of the foot, the knee, and the armpit in line.>>Okay.>>So, you can see, you pretty much have that. I’d like to see your left arm a little lower
through your shoulder, okay? And the robot will help you feel that. As a result, you kind of get maybe just a
little overswing. And then, when you start down, we’re coming
down a little bit steep.>>What’s great about A.J.’s process is he
uses the RoboGolf to help you feel what your swing should feel like. This motion right here is going to be the
difference. Again, using the V1 system, we captured my
swing to compare.>>A lot of great players play from where
you do, but you would have to reroute the club quite a bit.>>Mm-hmm.>>You’d have to shallow the club a lot. It would be much easier, I think, for you
to just take the backswing with a little bit more shorter arm turn, a little more body
turn, and you’ll find that’ll be easier to get the club slotted on the downswing.>>Obviously, the next steps would be to get
me back on the range, do some more shots, and like you say, repetition, repetition,
repetition. But then, with the power of V1, I can continuously
check in with you to make sure I’m doing the right things.>>Absolutely. I would like you to send me a video every
3 days of your progress, how you’re progressing.>>Well, get down to La Costa. Contact A.J. Avoli. Get your swing right. Thank you, A.J.>>Thanks, Colton.>>I appreciate it.>>Absolutely.>>Here is a sneak peek at the new 2019 fall
collection from Callaway Apparel.>>We make products for golfers that want
to look like golfers, want to play golf. That’s what we’re designing: the authentic,
core golfer that wants to go out every weekend, play their best, have most technical fabrics,
advanced construction, and really wants that performance-driven golf apparel. As a complete golf line, we want to make product
that can adapt to any condition for the golfer, because we don’t want them to be restricted
in their swing, in temperature, in, you know, the environment that they’re in. We want to make sure that they’re comfortable,
feeling good, able to play their best at any time. Everything that you can think that you would
need on a golf trip, on your weekly event, you know, we’ve got you covered in terms of
golf apparel for both men and women and in extended sizes, both for men and for women. So, we have two fashion collections, both
for men’s and women’s, that’ll be coming in the fall. So, we’re really excited to show this to the
world. And then, of course, our favorite piece, your
favorite piece, is the Weather Series. So, Weather Series is all-new this year. We have 13 new styles. We have 12 new colors. I mean, you are going to be overwhelmed. This is going to be coming late September,
so we’re really excited to show this to the world and really get people excited, because
we truly believe we have the best, most technical outerwear within the industry and think that
this is the year that everybody knows that Callaway is the place to go when you’re looking
for outerwear. You can go to your local retailer, local golf
shops, or to find everything there.>>”Golf Life” shows you a great golf tip
from top teacher Mike Malaska. Later, dig inside the evolution of the country
club and how they are changing. All that, next. Millions come to Las Vegas every year, and
when they plan to play golf, they choose Bali Hai. The award-winning Bali Hai golf course is
right on the Strip, just a driver and a 7-iron from Mandalay Bay. So it’s easy for your group to enjoy a fun
golf experience in Las Vegas. Bali Hai’s tropical-themed golf course gives
every golfer a unique setting to put their game to the test. Before and after your round, enjoy a cocktail,
great food, and awesome music. We’ll even give you a complementary Bluetooth
speaker to rock the tunes during your round. Our world-renowned ParMates will join your
group for 18 holes of golf and fun. There’s only one award-winning golf course
on the strip. It’s Bali Hai. Call us to customize the perfect Las Vegas
golf experience. or call resort reservations at 866-330-5211. Come to Las Vegas and play Bali Hai. It’s golf with a twist of Vegas.>>Sit tight. You’ll be on the back nine with “Golf Life”
in a moment.>>From Friendly Hills Country Club, here
is YouTube sensation Aimee Cho with a great downhill-lie tip.>>Hi, guys. My name is Aimee Cho, golf professional. Today, I have a golf tip that’s going to change
your game. I know a lot of you guys hit it fantastic
on the driving range, and you get out on the golf course. And someone else shows up, and you start hitting
it fat, thin, and you have no clue what’s going on, and it’s no fun. So let me show you why that happens. When you’re on the driving range, you’re always
hitting from a flat surface, and now you’re on the golf course. You’re thrown on these crazy slopes, different
lies, and that’s throwing your balance off, causing you to hit missed shots. Let’s take this shot, for an example. I’m on a severe downslope where the left foot
is low, and I would say this is about a good 20%, 25% incline. That’s a severe slope, guys. In your setup, you want to do three things
differently. Let’s take a look. So, I have about 120 yards to the flag. This is — Actually, the ball is going to
travel farther, so you want to club down. So I would say I’ll hit about 110-yard club
here. I have my 10-iron. I hit this about 120. I’m going to go ahead and make a half swing
or a three-quarter swing to get that 110 yards achieved. And then two more things. You’re going to have to move that golf ball
back in your stance, about a ball or two golf balls to the right. This is really going to allow you to catch
the ball first instead of that high ground behind the ball. We don’t want to hit this fat, guys. You’re going to hurt yourself. And then one more thing. On this lie, you’re going to have to make
sure you get your shoulders parallel to the ground. This also is going to help you to get into
the golf ball in a nice, descending, beautiful angle into the ball, avoiding to hit that
ground behind you. So, the three things in the setup were: you’re
going to club down; hit it 10 yards less, and then you’re going to move that golf ball
back in your stance, and you’re going to go ahead and square those shoulders up so they’re
parallel to the ground. Now, two things you need to pay attention
to during the swing. Number one is, you’re going to go ahead and
keep that weight maybe, I will say, 5% to 10% on the left a little more, so it’s more
60/40, and maintain that during your backswing. That is really going to help you to not lose
your balance. Don’t let that gravity pull you around during
the swing. So it’s the most important thing. And then the last part is, you know, on a
slope like this, you’ve got to remember to shift your weight through. That’s going to actually throw you off balance,
and it’s going to make you run after the golf ball. You can remember those two things, right? All right, let’s go ahead and see this. Fall back in your stance. Shoulders are parallel to the ground. We’re going to keep that weight on your left
foot in the backswing, and run after it. ♪♪♪♪ Oh! That was pretty good, guys. Remember that tip. I know it’s a lot. Write it down somewhere. If you keep repeating over and over, you’re
going to be fantastic at it, and you’re going to be beating all your playing partners.>>Now, here’s the story of a performance
shaft company that has been helping champions optimize their drivers for decades. Penley Golf Shafts was created by Carter Penley,
an expert in composites. His latest invention is called Ready2Play. It’s simple. You order your high-performance Ready2Play
in your optimal flex, and the Ready2Play is shipped directly to you with the correct adjustable
sleeve for your driver. Mike Billingsley tested different shafts with
different head options. Mike worked with Mr. Penley and his daughter,
Chanel, and found two shafts with different feel but equally effective performance.>>You have a Ready2Play shaft, so I can get
the right shaft for the head I bought. I’m going to change the engine in my driver
here. You find that these shafts are perfect. They’re tuned. You’ve tune the engine of the golf shaft. This isn’t mass production.>>Most of my design goes into that tip. That tip is critical. And I got some very exotic, expensive materials
in there that I am one of the few people that still use it, but it makes the shaft work
better, and that’s where we get this stuff.>>So, better materials, custom design, and
expertise. You’ve got this line in Ready2Play for every
one of these head combinations for the five leading manufacturers. That’s the brilliance of this.>>Correct.>>Just put it in play. Put a new engine in your driver.>>That’s right, and guys do that, they’ll
–>>Love it.>>Guys in offices, doctors, like, they want
to play out. They’ll get it Wednesday morning, and they’ll
put that shaft in and go play right away.>>And call you and say, “This is so fun!”>>”It’s working better,” yeah. “It works good.”>>Mike, what’d you think of the whole process.>>Mr. Penley has been making shafts for 35
years, so these shafts are really, really good. They’re the engine. What I noticed is that they were so consistent,
and I was able to put the same shaft in different heads, once I found the right shaft. The shaft is the engine. That’s what you’ve got to get, and if you
can get a Ferrari versus, let’s say, a Nissan, you know, I’m going to drive the Ferrari.>>, go on their website,
or you could give Mr. Penley a phone call. He’s going to love to talk to you. Get yourself a Penley Shaft. They’re going to change your golf game.>>Hey, it’s Ready2Play. You order it. The next day, drop it into your head — your
favorite head — and you’ve got a finely tuned driver with a super-good golf shaft.>> Next on “Golf Life,” country clubs in the
United States are evolving for the better, many of which are steering to a more family-friendly
atmosphere. Next is a story on why you should reconsider
the country-club lifestyle. Plus, we get a great golf tip from Mike Malaska.>>We’re partnering with Cleveland and Srixon
Golf to give away golf balls and wedges to — that’s right — you, the fan. Cleveland is the leader in short-game play,
and we want you to be a part of the success by giving you multiple chances to win a new
Cleveland RTX 4 wedge or a box of Srixon golf balls. Just sign up one time for multiple opportunities
to win at, and get an extra entry by following us on Instagram, @golflifetv. Sign up today at for your chance
to win.>>Here’s Mike Malaska with a tip that will
certainly help your game.>>So, now we’re going to start chipping,
so we’re going to get the ball in the air. So, the first thing we want to remind us of,
of how does the ball get in the air? Well, it does it by lifting it. So, here’s what we’re gonna do. If I take this club, and I go, one, two, three
— I go four grooves up in the face and I put a dot, now, here becomes the task. I’ve got a ball. That fourth groove, I’m going to put that
fourth groove on the back of the ball. That’s the task. Now, the ball gets in the air because there’s
an angle in the face, so there’s loft. As soon as you start trying to get under it
to lift the ball in the air is when you start to have trouble. So, as soon as we start hitting chip shots,
we’re going to look at that dot because what we’re trying to do is put that dot on the
back of the ball. That’s critical. And what’s really interesting, when I get
people focusing on that dot hitting the back of the ball, a lot of the “underneath, hit
it fat” goes away. So, now we’re going to chipping. So, I’m going to set up. I’ve got my weight a little on my left side,
as opposed to putting. But now what I’m going to do is, I’ve got
that dot. My right arm still lines up with the back
of the shaft, so my right arm is right in life with that shaft. So you could stand like this and look at it,
and then you could come down here and put it on the ground. And the goal is to take your right forearm
and push the shaft right through the ball. And you’re catching the back of the ball on
that dot. So, that’s the goal. Right forearm lines up with the shaft. It pushes the shaft through the ball, and
you’re catching the ball on that dot, right on the back of the ball. Now, if you watch, the ball got in the air
fine. Looks easy. I want you to practice it with just your right
hand. Now, if you want to do it with your left also,
you can practice it with the left arm a little bit also. But the key is, what we’re trying to get here
is keep reminding your right arm of where it’s supposed to be in that alignment with
this, through impact, because impact is critical. It’s the only position that counts in golf. We get this task going all through your swing,
and we keep building that, you’ll be amazed what happens to your full swing when you finally
get to it.>>Unsure about the country club? It’s a perfect place to network, join in on
community events and get better at golf.>>I think the benefits to private clubs,
most people will tell you — most members will tell you — that’s really where all their
friends are and the people that they spend all their time with. And some of their greatest business relationships
and personal relationships with their kids, their wives, their families all were established
at country clubs, and whether it be through the tennis programs, the fitness programs,
the swimming pools, the golf course itself, or just the social aspect of dining or having
cocktails with your friends. I mean, there is a great community in private
country clubs, and those are all over the country.>>The private country-club world is so unique,
and there’s so much, you know, networking that goes on. You get to meet people from all walks of life,
so all different sorts of professions. The biggest thing is, everyone here at our
club is very down-to-earth, and you can have a conversation about just about anything at
our club. You never know what you’re going to run into. We’re also more than just a golf club. We’re a family club. You know, we have a strong swim-and-dive program. We have night-lit tennis courts. We have beautiful dining facilities. We offer, you know, breakfast, lunch, and
dinner 6 days a week. You know, we have a kids’ club, so there’s
quite a bit that goes into the country-club lifestyle, and it truly is a lifestyle. And our members treat it like a second home.>>The best thing about a country club is
it becomes your club. It becomes your place to come and visit. It becomes your place to call your own.>>Most clubs nowadays are looking to get
rid of rules, rather than add rules, because the 40- and 50-years-old, it’s a different
world now. I mean, they have to use their cellphone because
that’s their business now. They don’t have offices. They have cellphones and Starbucks, you know?>>Private clubs have kind of had to get a
little bit more unique in their offerings in how to keep members or how to get members
back, running a lot of different programs, more so than your traditional junior-golf
programs or couples golf or events. We see more private clubs getting involved
in doing concerts on their driving range. Here at Colorado National, we do a 3rd of
July fireworks show. We also do a hot-air balloon launch each year
on our driving range. So there’s a lot of unique opportunities that
kind of attract people to the country clubs now and using the facilities.>>You know, one of the things that we like
to do is, we know that, you know, golfers, they love to play golf. And golf takes a long time to play, so we
need to keep the entire family engaged. So, you know, with that, a robust social calendar
is very important. And we like to make sure that when we recruit
new members, we try to have their entire family buy into the country-club lifestyle and mentality. You know, the juniors really love it. They come out here, and they hang out. And, you know, when the juniors come and hang
out, the parents get to hang out here at the club, as well, which is very important.>>I mean, we try and make it more of a one-stop
shop. There’s a lot of different types of levels
of membership-dues lines that are offered at clubs now, based on the usage, whether
it be days of week or, you know, times of day, things along those lines. But, yeah, se have a lot of our members who
join clubs for the health-club aspect of it, for the fitness side of it. A lot of yoga classes are being taught, a
lot of different training classes. They’re not always necessarily related 100%
to golf, but to fitness and kind of lifestyle.>>It’s a very unique environment, and it’s
a safe environment, as well, for children to grow up in.>>Thanks for watching “Golf Life.” Don’t forget to visit us at and
sign up for weekly giveaways. Plus, find us on social media for daily golf
videos and reviews. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you at
the 19th hole. ♪♪♪♪

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