Golf Lessons:Golf Swing too Far Inside
Golf Lessons:Golf Swing too Far Inside

Hi, PGA Master Instructor Dave Cahill here In sunny Palm Springs California. what a beautiful setting with the mountains in the background. Today I will discussing the problems
Related to bringing the club back too much inside the plane line on the back swing.
There are two different results that can take place, neither one of them much fun at all.
As an example during the backswing I’m going to take the club back too far inside I am going to draw the plane line
here so we can see where the club should go. At the beginning of the backswing the club head will be on the line we established at address. and here we go. But watch this, we’re
gonna take it back way inside.This is a common thing I see happening way inside. I know what you would think
that this may be an OK thing to do but what happens is the club will actually
swing around way on the other side of my head over here and get on the other side
of the plane line at the top of the swing. It doesn’t not remain back on plane in line with the line created by our shoulders. see what happened the club swings around from the inside of the plane line and then crosses over the line in this way. our club is way over on
this side of the plane line. golfers then try to find a way to swing the club back around on the forward swing onto the original plane line. That is very difficult to do. What often happens is
this, when the club loops back around trying to get back on plane it
oftentimes either stays above or swings below the correct plane. look at the lines I have drawn to understand what happens. watch how how I swing the club And now it comes underneath the
plane line and now it’s going to come at the ball from way inside. The problem
is now the club is going in this direction too much inside out. and depending on what I do with the face
either its going go in that new direction or I could actually hook it back around
this way. Another different problem can take place when the club is taken back to far inside. Watch, I am making a new back swing here too far inside. watch at the top it does the same thing the club head
crosses over the line. way over the line. Now instead of
coming back inside below the plane the club stays above the plane line. Now the club will travel to far over the top of the plane line. Even if I make a good turn forward the club is to far above the plane. i am way outside here I’m going to
end up actually cutting across the ball. watch this the
club is coming way too high above the plane from outside the target line. way over my head now watch is going to
come out on the other side of the ball so here’s the ball and the club is coming at the ball from the outside. this is the second thing that we see
happening as a result of people taking taking the club back too much inside. The resulting shots can end up
Topped, pulled or with an open face I could actually slice the ball
All kinds of bad things can happen. alright so I do not want to go in side on the take away. what is correct? Keep the club head in front of you straight down the target line to start. so that’ll take away was just perfect so watch, the club is now swinging
back behind us. it is right on plane and when the club
is parallel to the ground it is just in front and then i
turn it up from there. perfect Come visit us at our Cahill Golf Schools in Palm Springs or Las Vegas to learn this skill and many others.

3 thoughts on “Golf Lessons:Golf Swing too Far Inside”

  1. Dave Orton says:

    Excellent advice and a very well done video. By watching this video and comparing it to my swing I figured out why I'm hooking it so much lately! Going to go work on this at the range.

  2. Blade Blunter says:

    Very good video thank you. I came too far from the inside too. Staying on plane feels like the club is going backwards directly behind the ball, not inside the ball. When I look at my swing in the mirror, I realise it's not at all.

  3. moreme40 says:

    It would take me a good long while to tire of being "too much inside" after slicing it for years. Maybe what feels like too much inside is actually correct because I'm finally seeing some high draws and it's pure joy. To do this however, I feel like I'm swinging so far out to the right that I feel like I could hit something directly perpendicular to my target line. Nope, again draws 😀

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