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beautiful Naples, Florida. I’m Adam Bazalgette. Two time PGA Teacher of
the Year Award winner. Today’s subject, a
really good one I think, the perfect golf swing. (soft music) So the perfect golf swing, is
there a perfect golf swing? I’ll give you some thoughts I have, maybe how you can determine for yourself what the perfect golf swing is for you. If you like the video please subscribe to the YouTube channel. We have a lot of free content. Hopefully more coming your way. And of course
is my home website. Have full courses in every aspect of the game there for you to check out. Hope you will. Okay, let’s get started. (birds chirping) So, that’s my swing. What is the perfect golf swing? Well, if you’re like me
and you’re like most people you sort of visually fixate on certain kinds of swings
that you really like. I always love Sam Snead’s flow, Sam Snead’s body angles. Who wouldn’t love Sam Snead’s swing? That’s like saying, I
really like the Mona Lisa. Well sure, everybody does. I also was always, well in recent years, have been sort of envious of Henrik Stenson’s
explosiveness and his power. But the reality is I’m not
built exactly like those guys, I don’t quite have those same gifts. So what is the perfect swing? We’re gonna show you two broad categories. Listen, I’m not there with you. I can’t analyze your swing but I’m gonna show you two categories. That’s power and accuracy of course. And I’ll show you several
things within those categories that’ll help you find
your own perfect swing or at least customize it so you can do it. Let’s have a look first at
directional control a little bit. Okay, so directional control. Now let’s assume solid hit first, that would affect your direction for sure. There’s only two factors other than that that are gonna affect your direction. Again, we’re assuming
alignment at address. That is, swing plane or direction of swing as you hit the ball. The path the club’s moving in and of course the angle
the club face is at. So let’s touch first on swing plane. What’s the ideal swing for you? What’s a perfect golf swing for you? Well here’s what it has to get done if you’re really gonna
be an accurate hitter. In the hitting area let’s say from about hip high to hip high. This is a six iron, you can just get these
at a hardware store. Stick these in your yard. Give yourself a little sort of reminder. I’m a little bit above them. Here’s what it has to do. In that area it has to
be fairly near that plane going down that target line. Cannot be above it, cannot be underneath it,
et cetera, et cetera. It really isn’t that difficult to do. Stick a couple of sticks in
the ground and feel it out. Now, here’s one interesting little thing. Great players all do that really well but they get there in different ways. Some are much more up
here and they come in, some are a little bit under here and they come out a little
bit, but they get to this spot. I like the ones that are
really neutral throughout. But there’s different ways to do it. So let me show you Craig Stadler, Fred Couples, two senior tour golfers now. They do it a little bit different way. Have a quick look at them then we’ll get back out
here and talk about it. So, there’s Fred on the
left and Craig on the right. Looks like he’s on number 16 at Augusta playing a practice round. And as you can see Fred’s knuckles are much more in front of his face, Craig’s are more across his body. Now, neither is particularly
handsy going back but Craig definitely
makes a little bit more of an outward loop to the golf ball. You see his hands work towards the ball. Then he kinda drops it in there, just generally hits a little putt shot. And Fred meanwhile takes
it out a little bit and then drops it in a little bit. Out slightly with his hands,
right in front of his ear. Drops it in again. Not that handsy. Gets the job done. He’s right where he needs
to be at the bottom. But these are examples of players that like to feel it a
little bit different way. Okay so which one’s right for you? Which one is gonna get you
on this plane down here from hip high to hip high? Of course, I don’t know. That’s why you’ve gotta go
out and practice it a bit. But it could just be
your natural inclination of your takeaway or what you like to do. Now I’m certainly not
advocating getting off plane and I’m certainly not advocating getting handsy and wobbling the club around. I’m just saying there could be a little bit of a pattern. Thick bodied guy like Craig Stadler, very hard for them to drop
their arms with their body style so they tend to come out a little bit. That’s why he goes in a
little bit going back. Fred Couples, long and lean. Lot of flexibility, tends
to drop his arms more, so that’s why he does it the
way he does it, basically. So figure it out for yourself. Okay number two, club face, this is huge. Again we’re assuming solid contact. Believe me you could
make a really good swing if your club face is
six, seven degrees off you are gonna hate that shot. So here’s what I would recommend, we’re not gonna get into it exhaustively. Attempt to see if you can hit shots with a mid iron, a five or a six. You’re not gonna curve a
sand wedge that much anyway. And see if you can hit
some straight shots. Now, they may not be
straight at the target. In other words, if you
swing a little to the left you should hit straight shots to the left. A little less common is to
to swing out to the right, straight shots to the right. In other words, your club face, at least work on getting it
square to the swing you have. You can work from there. You can actually work
on your plane well too. How you gonna do that? Well, it’s feel for sure but
grip is a huge component. So the more you get your grip over here. The easier it is to close the face. And within reason you
get your grip up on top the club face will tend to stay more open. So it’ll tend to go more to the right. And just play around with your grip a bit without working on your
swing plane for 15 minutes. Have a little fun until you feel like, you know what, with minimal
effort I may not be hitting it at the target but the ball is not curving. Again that represents
club face squared a path and you’re gonna have some
success if you do that. Okay so, power, that’s something we really view primarily from this angle, you can see a lot of the components there. And for the sake of this one. We’re gonna assume that
you have decent lag and you can make a solid hit. We don’t wanna try to cover everything. What we really want to look at is, what is the best power source for you with the body you have. Now if you’ve ever read
a book by Mike Adams, very well known instructor, written a long time ago with a couple of friends of his, T.J.
Tomasi and Doc Suttie. A great book called The LAWS
of Golf, leverage, arc, width, and it discusses, in
really interesting detail, the types of body styles and how you can get the most out of them. You might want to pick that up. We’ll pick away at a couple
of ideas along those lines. But let’s first look briefly, we’ll use Stadler and Couples again, at two different kinds of body styles. How they’re creating power. So there’s Fred and Craig
again, both hitting tee shots. Look like Fred’s got more
of a three wood there. As we watch Fred take it
back, long back swing. Let’s stop him right at the top there. Have a look at the
comparison with Craig here. Craig’s got a good coil,
that’s a good turn, but a significantly shorter back swing. Especially, in terms
of this arm swing here. I mean a really big difference there. And why is that? Well, that fits his body style better. Now Craig’s gotten a little
bigger over the years. He was always a thick strong guy but if he tried to do
Fred Couple’s back swing and get those arms way behind him he likely would completely
break down with his arms and likely wouldn’t get the
club on a very good plane. So he’s a powerful enough guy he can just rip it at there
with his big core muscles. And that’s plenty of back swing. And he can just load his
wrists and just smack it. Fred derives a lot of his power
from the length of his arc and how much he can get his
hip started ahead of his arms. But he’s able to drop it in nicely as we saw from the other
angle a few minutes ago. So two slightly different
ways to go about it because of the different body styles. Now LAWS, in that book I
reference is leverage, arc, width. Now the things I’m gonna
say aren’t necessarily directly quoted or directly
correlative to that book. But basically you’ve
got a leverage golfer, which is a lot of angle here. You’ve got a width golfer which just has a short wide swing and uses the big thick muscles of the body. And you’ve got an arc golfer which would have a much longer
motion, bigger arm swing that creates speed that way. Now Freddy Couples obliviously has a lot of arc in his golf swing. He has a pretty good amount of wrist cock coming down too. Stadler, it’d be width category. Nice and wide and short. Very explosive, strong guy,
can rip it out from there. For me, I’m kind of a medium
build guy, not super strong. I don’t have great explosive speed. I’m relatively flexible and I have pretty flexible pair of wrists. So if I’m gonna hit the ball my best I have to get a decent sized back swing and a nice full wrist cock. And if I can do those
things I can swing at a reasonable pace and create
fairly good power for myself. The point being you’ve gotta try to see what works for your body,
where your strengths are, and kinda customize that swing. Not just on your ideal golfer, not what you think the
perfect swing looks like. But what’s the perfect swing for you. You know, what can you make work. So, let me settle in here. Rehearse my swing there,
I feel a nice wrist cock. That’s a nine iron, that was
a pretty solid shot for me. So it’s a pretty broad topic. Hope these thoughts have been at least somewhat helpful to you. Pick a player if you
like that’s, you know, somewhat your body
style or what not on TV, maybe that’s someone you can mimic. But hopefully this gives you some thoughts about your perfect golf swing. The perfect golf swing, if you like. I’m Adam Bazalgette again,’s my home website. And if you like this video please subscribe to the YouTube channel. Thanks again.


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