Golf Lessons for Beginners : Using Low Iron Golf Clubs

Now, as I mentioned before, the game starts
with use driving off with one of the woods. It is called a wood because, the old clubs
were made out of wood. Now they are made out of metal and they go greater distances. Once
we are in the fairway and we have taking our second shot, which we fairly would let say
we are playing a par four or five then we go to our low irons. In my bag I got a three
iron, four iron, and five iron. Now for me the three iron go about 160-170 yards. The
five iron goes 150 yards. The four iron is something in between. Depending upon where
my distance is, is which one of these clubs I will pick. If I pick one that is to short
I’m going to wind up shorter to the hole. If I pick one that has greater yards for me,
I’m going to go further than I want to, and I will be losing strokes. Again the idea is
not to lose any strokes. So sometimes on par threes we can use this clubs as what we tee
off from depending on distance. If we got a par three 150 yards we can use a five iron.
Okay thank very much.

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