Golf Lessons for Beginners : Using High Iron Golf Clubs
Golf Lessons for Beginners : Using High Iron Golf Clubs

Hi! This is Ken and I am talking today about
the basics of golf. We start off with a wood teeing off. Our second club is either a fairway
wood or an iron. As we get closer to the green we go to our higher clubs, which are the 7,8,9.
Each of these has shorter distances. And the reason for that is (if you probably can see
this) the way the club is arced; it’s got more of a face, it arcs away from the ball,
it has greater loft, it doesn’t go as far, it goes to the air. So if I’m anywhere about
120 yards from the hole I’m might use a seven iron. If I’m about a 100 yards away from the
hole, I might use a eight or even a nine iron; again the difference between the irons is
the way the face is. It’s more angle, it gets you more loft, the ball goes much higher in
the air. Now two other clubs that are important is the wedge. This is for chipping around
the green; it got a very high angle. Also the clubs are shorter as we get up the numbers.
Then the last iron that we have in here is what we call the sand wedge. That is for getting
us out of situations where we’re in a sand trap.

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  1. italofm says:

    these videos from expert village are like the most awkward videos ever! hahaha i think they do some sort of research on where can they find special need athletes of all kind of sports and give them the opportunity of shooting an "educational" video. hahaha like this guy on this video. Mr. Awkwardness in person.

  2. Isaac Bagwell says:

    i would also agree

  3. Isaac Bagwell says:

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  4. paulxqx says:

    Are you serious? Expertvillage has some of the worst informational videos on the internet. And just to think, they pay the "expert filmmaker" $300 to make these videos.

    Who is this jerk?

  5. Kevin Cosgrove says:

    1:05 is soooooooooooooo funny

  6. lloyd bebbington says:

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  7. blue42kentucky says:

    The higher "arcing" clubs? What a mo-ron!

  8. iModGarage says:

    ROFL….Ken….hit the road you bum!!!! ur garbage.

  9. pscyther says:

    What a spanner ,

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