At the start of the backswing, shoulders, chest, abdomen, arms, hands and club move in sync, generating the main movement in the shoulders. Start with a dominant hand movement is one of the most common mistakes. This tendency causes a bad plane, overswing and incorrect sequence in the downswing. To develop the dominant movement of shoulders here are some exercises: Butt end – navel. In your address take an iron from the shaft and place the butt end in the navel. Turn your shoulders to ½ swing with the butt end connected to the navel and arms extended. Hands synchronized. In your address remove the right hand from the grip and extend it on the club. Turn your shoulders to ½ swing keeping your arms extended and the right hand on the left hand. Club lying. In your address hold a club lying with hands extended. Turn the shoulders until the club is perpendicular to the target line. Ball – chest. Take your address holding a ball with the fingertips. Turn your shoulders to ½ swing keeping the ball in front of the chest. Bucket. Take a bucket of water with your regular grip. Turn your shoulders to swing ½ maintaining stable water in the bucket. Experiment these exercises and choose that is most practical and train it often.

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