Golf Impact Position: Shoulders
Golf Impact Position: Shoulders

hi i’m paul wilson on the creator of
swing machine golf and the director of the paul wilson golf school at bear’s best
las vegas i want to continue talking about the
golf impact position and the release doubt the other day i talked about the
club making its way to the top of the fax
line and you fully hinged the club in your wrists now windy firing are lower body maintain that angle down towards impact now wants the golf club gets in around
here you can still see that i’ve got the majority of that angle now at this moment the golf clubs going
to release it’s not gonna release just to impact
it’s actually going to release past impact to a position where both arms are perfectly straight after the ball is hit and it’s about two
feet after contact with irons and about three feet after contact with
woods and that’s because you can be driving your lower body even
harder with wouldn’t which will cause your upper body to tilt back even more which moves this point
where the arms are stretched out to a point for their past the ball at that point what i want you to be
aware of today is that your shoulder sir actually open when you reach that point so i don’t
want you working on your golf swing like this golf impact position try to keep your shoulders nascent
square to the target line and trying to hit this spot okay at that moment in time partial
desert actually going to be so if you look at my shoulder line here
were actually in an open position if we look at it from this bsi do you hear you can see that if i’m coming in like
this and i hit the ball and then go beyond the ball right here
my shoulders are going to be in and open position what i’m getting to hand hit one for you really show it to you from an above you and then you can get a clear picture of
exactly what my shoulders are doing as i’m hitting impact and then to disposition where the club is fully
released case let’s take a look at that now okay so there you can see that my
shoulder sir actually open as i’m hitting the ball and through to the release point after the ball is hit basically today i just want to clarify
that the shoulders are in that position so that you are not sitting there
working on on this position of stretching your arms out but try to
keep your shoulder square so i’ve seen people actually working on trying keeps
nascent square shoulders when they’re hitting the golf ball but if you saw the video rate there from
about he can see that my shoulder sir actually open when i’m hitting the ball and then actor i’ve hit the ball okay so make sure that when you’re doing
your practice swings you’re going to take it off but to the top feel the clovis hinged at the top we’re
gonna work the club down by the using our body okay you can see and just turning my
body i’m not i’m not move in the club or or out casting the club in any way i said that
he inge and all turning the body men and allowing arms to kind of fall
down from here meyer is certainly was they’re going to release past the golf impact position okay so make sure you’re doing lots of
practice things like that and then when you get that spot couple feet after impact just checked at
the shoulder sorry no open position then you’ll be doing it properly picture
ask your questions post your comments below i try to get to as many as i can

3 thoughts on “Golf Impact Position: Shoulders”

  1. EastbayGolfer says:

    Paul, Great videos! Can you please touch upon the position of the shoulders in relation to the hips at impact.

  2. Ignition Golf Tips says:

    This video shows this relationship from the top down view. The shoulders are open and the hips are open 45 degrees or more.

  3. Ignition Golf Tips says:

    They want the shoulders square because they are trying to get you to swing out at it. If you square up the shoulders it changes the path. This is not to say there aren't some pros that are square. They would be ones who have a pretty big draw.

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