doesn’t have a beard, but it is lighter, faster,
and more efficient than the car it replaces. Now, many enthusiasts have
always thought that this car is just too boring to wear the
GTI badge, but I’ve always disagreed with that. Does this Mark 7 version
change anything? The Golf GTI is quite a simple
car, but it’s one with a complicated history and
a complicated set of responsibilities. On the one hand, it’s the car
that should be everything to all people. It’s the classless performance
car that does everything all the time for all people. But on the other hand, it’s
a car that was once an enthusiast’s object,
a car that people like me lusted after. And then it became a car that
people like me slightly laughed at. And then more recently
again, it became a car that we respected. So within that, there’s the
full range of emotions. So when I come to test a car
like the Golf GTI, it’s quite difficult, really. Who am I speaking to? Am I speaking to the full
hardcore enthusiast? I’m not sure that person
buys a Golf GTI. Am I speaking to the casual
driver, the person who doesn’t really care? Well, they wouldn’t be watching
one of my videos. I don’t really know. Actually, do you know what? I think a lot of people that
know a lot about cars quietly respect the Golf GTI. And if they were given the
chance to own one car year round, I think they’d look long
and hard at one of these. So let’s have a look
at the Golf GTI. First of all, some numbers. This car has 220 horsepower,
because it’s the base GTI. It doesn’t have the performance
pack, which costs another about 1,000 pounds
and gives you another 10 horsepower. So we have 220. We have 250 foot-pounds of
torque, a maximum speed claimed at 152 miles an hour,
0 to 60 in 6.5 seconds. It all seems entirely
reasonable and acceptable to me. Basic setup of the Golf? Well, the Golf body, independent
suspension all the way around, electric power
steering, and a turbocharged four-cylinder engine. It’s becoming a kind of normal
recipe, isn’t it? But Volkswagen reckons
they’ve added some abnormal stuff to this. They’ve brought in people from
other projects, let’s say, within the Volkswagen group, a
man who was involved with the GT3 RS, 3.8-liter version, the
Gen 2 one that we all loved. Carsten Schebstat, he has
worked on this car. And to me, initially, it feels
like a clever car on the road. It feels nice and supple. They haven’t gone down the
crazy, hardcore, overdamped, oversprung route. And that has to be
a great start. Now, even though we have an
open differential, you can turn off the traction
control in this. And it scrabbles its way
out of second gear turns pretty well. I wouldn’t really miss
the diff on the road. It’s got a really
nice front end. It’s accurate. Steering, as ever in the
electric way, doesn’t have any great sense of connection
to it. But they’re getting good
at this stuff. I think we’re going to be at a
point fairly soon where they can start to replicate the feel
of hydraulic steering. I think the actual weighting is
good, even though it does shunt around a bit according
to speed. It’s an enjoyable car to drive
fast, but it’s not a kind of car that you decide to grow
horns and drive too hard. However, if you do, its
competence comes through and through and through. This has been developed to the
nth degree in this car. You can just tell they’ve spent
time getting all the performance from it that
they possibly can. There are three driving
modes in this new GTI. Normally, this stuff doesn’t
interest me because I think you should just have
a suspension setup and deal with it. But this car’s quite
interesting. We start out in Comfort. And I like cars in Comfort,
even cars with badges like GTI, because they tend to
work better on the road. So we’ve got this quite
long travel feel. It’s supple. It feels really, really nicely
damped over these roads– and comfortable. It’s not sort of irritating me,
but it doesn’t feel too sloppy and lazy. It wants to change direction. It’s an agile car like this. But it’s rolling enough
to give me an idea of what’s going on. If I go to Normal,
I don’t have a profoundly different car. In fact, I still seem to retain
90% of that comfort, maybe more, and I just
lose a bit of roll. The steering remains sharp. It’s a variable ratio rack, so
I’ve got 2.1 turns, much more resistance at low speed than
I have at high speed. So in Normal, I think it’s
rather nicely balanced. In fact, I might leave
it in Normal. This is the interesting
one for me, though. If I go into Sport, normally
when I press the Sport button in car, it’s a button that
says, I’ll tell you what. Let’s totally [BLEEP] the dynamics of the car and
make it horrible to drive unless you’re on a really
flat racing track. But no one drives a Golf
GTI on a really flat racing track, do they? But I’m now in Sport mode, and
this car has not been shafted. I’ve got flatter cornering, but
I’ve retained a sort of supple edge to the suspension. It feels like that initial
spring rate, that initial amount of spring, isn’t too
harsh, almost like there’s a variable rate spring
on the car. And so I’m cushioned. And it’s not unpleasant. Yes, it’s firmer. Yes, I’ve got more control. But it hasn’t wrecked
it for the road. I think that’s a very important
distinction, because all too often, Sport
mode wrecks things. And in the Golf GTI on
the road, it doesn’t. The motor itself, well, you
can look at it two ways. It’s either a bit bland
and not that much fun. Or it’s ruthlessly efficient
and impressively smooth. Four cylinders, to me, used to
mean quite harsh, but this is smooth as you like. And as for the turbocharging and
the throttle response, I cannot fault it– fourth gear, 80 clicks. You put your foot down,
and it just goes. I mean, really goes. And it gives you the impression
of far more performance than a car with a
claim of 0 to 62, time of 6 and 1/2 seconds. And your gearbox, the
gearshift is lovely. It makes me ask a few
more questions of Renault, this does. If Volkswagen can make a manual
gearbox for the Golf GTI, a car which I think is more
often not specified with a DSG gearbox, then why can’t
they do a manual gearbox for their Clio RS? This is a lovely shift. Short shift, but not too short,
very, very accurate. The clutch pedal’s nice. In fact, the relationship
between the three pedals is quite good. And when you’re pushing on the
heel and toe, it’s quite natural as well. I’ve haven’t driven the DSG yet,
but we might get a skid in one of those tomorrow. But we know all about that
gearbox and just how efficient it is. This five-door car with a manual
gearbox is a very, very nicely balanced package. But it has got a couple
of problems. The first problem is its price,
and the second problem is related to that. It’s not a cheap car. If you were to buy this car
and specify it with five doors, a DSG gearbox, and the
performance pack, you’d end up with a car that cost
over 28,000 pounds. And that drags it right into
BMW M135i territory. Now, I know people think I’m
boring about that car. But it has 300 horsepower
and probably weighs a little bit less. And it’s performance is on a
completely different level to the Golf GTI. So I’m worried that the Golf
GTI’s marketplace has been taken away from it. I can’t really give you any
answer to that until I drive the two of them back to back. But it is interesting to note,
isn’t it, that a near 30,000-pound Golf GTI is upon
us, and yet BMW has a turbocharged six-cylinder
rival to that car in the market already. [CAR ENGINE ROARING] CHRIS HARRIS: –the basic
layout of the car. Well, this is– [BLEEP]. What are those? Bald sheep! They look like Gollum. Did you see those? Scared me. Start again. MALE SPEAKER: It’s Gollum! CHRIS HARRIS: Wrong. [INAUDIBLE] Middle Earth.

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