♪♪♪♪>>Thank you, Golf Gods, for
having us out.>>Ow!>>Have fun out there. Scramble format. It’s gonna be a great day.>>Oh, we got the mike. Oh, man. ♪♪♪♪>>I’ve known Golf Gods for about
five or six years, when we both started on social media, and we’ve become friends. They live in Australia. I live out in L.A., and we thought it would
be fun to come together and host a golf tournament with all of our friends from Instagram and
everybody else that wanted to come join us.>>Oh, we’re crushing it.>>We’re crushing it.>>We parred the last hole.>>That’s the hazards of a four-man scramble.>>I know.>>Got to stay away from the bogeys.>>I know. The one shot they don’t use, and we make par.>>[ Laughs ] Well, she is carrying the team.>>You know, just draining putts and taking
names, brought to you by Cut Golf by…Dennis.>>Are you kidding me? We’re 10-under through eight, nine, something
like that. We’re crushing it.>>They’re crushing it.>>Great to see you. It’s great — No, it’s great to see ya.>>We want to do something fun. Get around the Phoenix Open, and so this was
the event, and last year was good, so we thought we’d better keep doing it. ♪♪♪♪ ♪♪♪♪>>The one song
that I didn’t think I’d hear on the golf course is Mambo No. 5. Is that your choice?>>Yeah. Us Norwegians, you know, we have good taste
in music. ♪♪♪♪>>There’s no cheating going
on here, guys, but listen. Whatever you do, however you can win, you
find an edge. I decided to sneak up. I didn’t there’d be cameras involved here.>>Oh! That’s on camera, too!>>Lester, we need to talk about this.>>He’s waggling. Jason Dufner waggle. Oh, my God. Cut a little bit, baby.>>I just love it. We’ve all kind of become a big family, and
I love seeing them every year at the various events we all go out to, and happy to have
a bunch of them here, you know, playing in the tournament and having a bunch of fun.>>This is awesome. Thank you, guys, for having us out. Golf balling, Golf Gods, super-awesome tournament.>>I’ll tell you what. There is nobody better on the planet than
“Golf Life.” Ladies and gentlemen, thanks for joining us
here at McCormick Ranch. Boy, oh, boy. We’ll see you soon. Signing off. Stay sunny.>>I think I heard him on the last tee go
like, “They got chocolate chunk, they got double chocolate chunk, mmm.”>>This is getting awkward, isn’t it?>>Is it for you? It’s not for me.>>Not for you?>>Keep smiling through it. It’s okay. We’re gonna make it. Keep going.>>Are you guys playing well?>>yes.>>Oh, Nelly, a little left! Get it! A little left. Get the [bleep] camera out of here! I’m trying to see my ball!>>Let’s move on. Let’s try to clean this up a little bit. Well, cut that, ’cause I do– I don’t know
where to go — I don’t know where to go from there.>>I love the host.>>That’s what I’m talking about.


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