Golf for Beginners : Golf: Choking Down on the Club
Golf for Beginners : Golf: Choking Down on the Club

Okay, as you grow in the game what I want
you to think about is shortening the club even more. So you can see, if you don’t have
a particularly good swing, using this long driver is really just going to exacerbate
your bad habits. So you want to develop the good habits so as the clubs get longer, you
can then swing them properly without trying to compensate. So like, if you go skiing,
if you’re a beginner, they don’t give you the longest skis unless they want to kill
you, they give you short skis that are controllable. So what I want you to think about is choking
down on the club, is a great way to further your development faster. So we’ve done these
drills where we keep the feet together, so I’m going to use this short club, the sand
wedge and I’m just going to get set up. So instead of gripping it here, which is you
know using the full length of the club, I’m going to choke down. So this will help me
to develop my hip and shoulder turn even faster because I’m taking length out of it. So, in
tennis they have a junior racket, they should call them a training racket, that’s shorter.
So if you can shorten the clubs when you’re a new player or developing player it’s going
to help you learn faster because you’ll get the motion easier because you don’t have to
deal with this length of club. So choke down on the club and practice hitting those shots
and you’ll start improving even faster.

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  1. David T says:

    Good advice

  2. flocka thegreat says:

    Ok Jerry you just gotta choke up on the club

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