Golf Driver Tips: Proper Ball Position to Hit Up on the Ball
Golf Driver Tips: Proper Ball Position to Hit Up on the Ball

Hey golfers, PGA Professional Todd Kolb here
with another segment of On the Lesson Tee. Now we all know that one of the most enjoyable
shots in golf—of course—is a nice long drive; and in order to do this, I need to
make solid contact with the golf ball, and I also need to catch the ball as the club
is traveling in a slight ascending motion, or moving slightly upward. Now in order to
do this, I need to do two things correctly; I need to control where the ball is at in
relationship to my body, and also I need to control where the bottom of my swing is at.
Let’s talk about ball position first. I want you to position the ball so that the ball
is straight out from the inside of your left foot if you’re a right-handed golfer, or the
lead foot. This will get the ball in the right spot in terms of where it is relative to your
body. The second thing—and probably the most important
thing—is controlling where the club bottoms out, or what we call the bottom of the swing
arc. Now the bottom of your swing arc is basically going to follow where the balance of your
weight is on your feet. So I want you to be set up so that your balance is pretty much
50/50 on both of your feet. So as you’re set in there, you’ve got about 50 percent left,
50 percent right; and as you swing the club to the top, I want you to keep that weight
relatively the same. I don’t want you to move your weight off the golf ball, and shift all
of your weight to the right. That’s going to move the bottom of your swing arc. So understanding
where the ball is positioned, understanding where your weight is positioned, both of those
things will help you hit those drives as far as you’re capable of hitting them.

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