Golf Courses: La Quinta Golf in Marbella
Golf Courses: La Quinta Golf in Marbella

Our guests in La Quinta Golf enjoy one the best resorts in Spain We have a 27 holes golf course Every year we host several European Circuit events
We have hosted Senior Masters tournaments for years And a lot of important events of the Golf Amateur schedule
We have Protagonistas Proam, a classic game in our course We have a practise area in the school. The Academy
has the name of La Quinta desingner, Manuel Piñero World championship winner and Ryder Cup winner I think the real challenge was to build a 27 holes golf course
in this difficult ground We have a high level of maintenance here and
the course is improving due to our staff work. And also the course is getting beautiful because
the trees we forested years ago, now are growing Eventually the course is going to be the one with
the best forest in this area And that means the course is going to be more prestigious Also we have a Grand Luxury Hotel, managed by Meliá
one of the most famous hotels chains in Spain We have 172 very large rooms. That’s one of our points.
The smaller room is 40m Every room has its own balcony with views to gardens of golf area
All of them have an andaluisian design Finally we have also a 1500m2 fantastic spa
built with a real beautiful arabic style

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