Golf course sustainability

From famous cottage links to the Arizona desert more more golf courses around the globe are working with the golf environment Organization the group otherwise known as GE o was founded with the goal to help golf clubs become more sustainable TPC Scottsdale home of the waste management Phoenix Open is one of the clubs currently working to become GE o certified we really look at responsible use of reuse of materials that come off of this site Whether that’s recycling Whether that’s you know cleaning up trash but mainly a recycling program here It’s a zero waste type of effort. This is where golf is. You know, it’s it’s a it’s it’s a great sport. Evany There are a lot of different moving parts in golf But it’s actually also quite a tight community. So leadership from one club leadership from one development leadership for one tournament You know, you do see that having an off cone effect, and we are seeing that with the waste management Phoenix Open TPC Scottsdale Sustainable efforts extend beyond its annual PGA Tour event. We partner with a lot of local organizations They support good causes they leave legacies So after the final putt is hold there are still social and environmental Activities going on that the Phoenix waste management open is left behind for the other You know, it’s like another 51 weeks of the year in Arizona. They use a drip line in the desert and Have a sprinkler system set up to a central computer to give out the perfect amount of water for the course we can put water exactly where we need it and Keep water from you know going where it doesn’t need to doesn’t need to go we have been you know looking and Seeing what waste management has done over the last few years and being really impressed by it as most courses work to create a more sustainable environment Some practices vary due to location while TPC Scottsdale in a course in Scotland such as the world-famous Old Course in st Andrews had the same general goal to become more sustainable. They must perform different procedures Everything is so different. The soil type is different. The climate is different the expectations are different and therefore and we the climate be indifferent to mean the grass species are so different despite the Dissimilarities the two clubs do have some things and we’re pretty much zero waste and we have our waste contractor. So everything always goes through them and You know the things that aren’t recyclable they used The insulate and use that to pilot their plant And so so Ted that leaky the flooding goosed Alonso And so they do say that everything is used in recent years Golf Club ownership has become more open to the idea of implementing more sustainable practices fewer people are asking why and more people are asking how and G was really there to try and help make that how as Fast and effective and productive as possible With the increase in sustainable efforts from the club’s the grass is definitely looking greener on the golf courses in st Andrews Scotland in Phoenix, Arizona kine and Marlin Cronkite, Scotland

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