Golf Course Etiquette : Putting Green Etiquette on the Golf Course
Golf Course Etiquette : Putting Green Etiquette on the Golf Course

Hi, I’m Rich Carr from Meadia Heights Golf
Club in Lancaster, Pa on behalf of Expert Village. I’m here today to talk to you about
putting green etiquette. As you can see Keith and I are playing a round of golf and my ball
is off the green yet it’s still a little closer than Keith’s. Now normally what we
would do in this situation is Keith would play first because he’s further away from
the hole, but since I’m going to utilize the pin and I’m off the green, I’m going
to go ahead and play first. Now I’ve played my shot and as you can see, my ball is in
Keith’s line, so in this case what I’m going to do is mark my ball with a coin, so
that I don’t interfere with Keith’s play. I’m going to take the pin out for Keith,
so that he can play a shot. Another thing you want to avoid on the putting
green is as you can see Keith has about 6 feet there. You definitely don’t want to
walk in his line of play on the putting green, or if you raise up the grass a little bit,
you may affect the roll of the golf ball, so you definitely want to stay out of his
line and Keith gonna go ahead and play this shot, I’ll make another point to you. As
in “on the tee box” you don’t want to stand too close, as such, you don’t want
to stand directly behind and you definitely want to remain quiet as Keith plays the shot,
so I’m going to back off to the proper position. Great putt, Keith! One of the things that’s
very important in the game of golf is to compliment your fellow competitor or playing partner
when he hits a great shot. Its what makes the game so honorable and it makes your playing
partner feel good as well. So always compliment a great shot.

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