Golf Course Etiquette : Divot Etiquette on the Golf Course
Golf Course Etiquette : Divot Etiquette on the Golf Course

Hi, this is Rich Carr from Meadia Heights
Gold Club in Lancaster, PA on behalf of Expert Village. I’m going to talk about replacing
divots on the golf course today. As you can see I’ve hit a drive, right here into the
fairway. I’m going to select my club here, go ahead and play my shot. There it goes,
okay, you can, as you can see I’ve made a little bit of a divot here, the grass, so
in this case I’m just gonna go ahead and pick up the divot and replace it. Now every
course is a little bit different, so on the cart there is actually some divot mix. I’m
going to go ahead and grab it, since I didn’t make a really big divot in this case, go back over here, put my divot mix away and
I’m ready to go. I also want to talk to you about making a divot in the rough. I’m
just going to hit an imaginary shot here; made a divot in the rough. Most golf courses
would prefer that you just pick up the grass that you displaced and put it back into the
divot, like so. In this case I would not use any seed mix from the cart, because the turf
difference between the fairway and the rough, you wouldn’t want to mix in the seed you
use on the fairway.

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