Golf Course Clocks
Golf Course Clocks

Welcome to Chomko LA. We manufacture and
repair golf course clocks. Our shop is equipped to help you with the three
types of clock necessary for a smoothly running golf course. Post clocks,
clubhouse clocks and pace of play clocks. Post clocks are ideal for uniting the
first tee practice area and driving range. These clocks are often the first
thing people see when they pull into the club and they make a powerful impression.
They are available in solar for the ecologically minded Club or electric for
nighttime ambiance. Post clocks bring nostalgic charm to your course and they
are available in single, double and four-sided designs. Clubhouse clocks are
outdoor clocks on the facade of your building. Be it at the Pro Shop or the main
building of your Clubhouse. These clocks can vary in style styles include
traditional, classic, skeleton or open-faced. It’s easy to retrofit any
existing building with one of these styles so that it is architectural
pleasing. Pace of play clocks help players to self regulate their speed as
they round the course. This is a highly effective program especially at
semi-private and private clubs. The clocks are offset by the recommended
pace so that players need only remember they’re tee time. For example, if your club
recommends reaching the fourth tee within 40 minutes. The pace of play clock at the
fourth tee will be offset 40 minutes. That way when players arrive at the fourth tee,
if they see their tee time displayed on the clock they can feel confident that
they are on the right track. If the clock shows that it’s past their tee time they
will take note and pick up the pace. A set of perfectly coordinated clocks
from ChomkoLA keeps your course running both smoothly and beautifully. Please
enjoy our website and click the quick quote form to begin or give us a call.

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