Golf Club Review | TaylorMade R9 SuperTri Driver
Golf Club Review | TaylorMade R9 SuperTri Driver

Hi everybody.
It’s Donal here at the Doc’s Dawn Raid. We’re in Carton House.
Beautiful sunny morning. 12 guys on the range testing a range of clubs
from Golfbidder including fairways and drivers. Now I have Padriag with me testing the TaylorMade
R9 SuperTri driver that came out in February 2010.
Padraig we’ll let you hit the ball. Go ahead and hit the ball.
And we’ll have a chat with you after. Aw, as good as any.
As good as any we’ve seen today. Padraig, this is the R9 SuperTri driver.
TaylorMade have just come out with their R11. But last year when this thing came out everybody
was raving about it. Is it as good as they say?
It’s the first time I’ve used it Donal and I’ve hit a couple of other here today and
this would be my favourite. What makes it so great for you?
Well the trajectory of the ball first of all is a clean hit every time.
I was watching them go out of sight a bit earlier on which might have something to do
with the fog. But I was hitting the ball out of site with
a little bit of a draw which I don’t normally do.
Ok. Well it is actually set up.
This club has got… Have you seen this flight control technology
and moveable weight system? You can change the weights.
Are you a person who would tinker around with a club?
Generally no. I tinker around with myself more than the
club. Well a lot of people do buy a driver then
adjust their swing to fit it. But this one you can change the weights around.
It’s the first time TaylorMade have managed to get moveable weights with the adjustable
flight technology. Now I set this up sneakily for a draw.
Slightly off neutral. It’s set up for a draw.
And you told me that you were producing a nice little draw.
I was. Which is new for me because I don’t as a
rule hit anything with a consistent draw. I hit it fairly straight or to the right a
little. But every draw was not going straight.
And I was even deliberately trying to hit them with a fade and it’s coming back every
time. Well i have this one set up for a draw.
So there is merit to the adjustable flight control technology.
It’s a 460cc driver. The R9 SuperTri, your pick of the bunch?
Yeah I think because i find the actual contact of the ball when you hit it as well it has
a great weight to it and a great feel to the ball going away.
Absolutely fantastic. Well everybody the R9 has now been replaced
by the R11 so you can pick them up for good money on Golfbidder.

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