Golf Club Review | TaylorMade R9 SuperDeep

Hi everybody.
It’s the Doc’s Dawn Raid It’s where we bring people from all over Ireland
and The UK to come and test all the clubs that Golfbidder has to offer.
We’re in Carton House today and we’re looking at the R9 SuperDeep driver from TaylorMade.
It came out in July 2010. Now I’ve Dave with me.
A plus 1 handicapper. To have a go with the club and give us his
thoughts. So Dave, grip it and rip it baby!
Aw, sweet! So Dave. This is the R9.
The R11 is just out. If I just get you to stand here for me in
front of the camera. Tell us what you…
Now this was all the rage. This has got the moveable weights from TaylorMade.
It’s got the flight control technology. Now you’re a plus 1 handicapper.
When you get a driver will you fiddle around with it until you get the right setting?
Only on the practise ground. Before the season starts.
I get the club early in the season and have to work on it.
Either moving the weight or get custom fit properly for it.
And once i have it done i don’t change it. So its set in neutral now with the weights
there. how did you find it in neutral position?
How was the flight of it? I like it. Lower ball flight. more penetrating
ball flight. Right.
The SuperDeep is designed for the better golfer as opposed to the SuperTri.
The SuperDeep, it’s called SuperDeep because of the face, 2.5 inch face.
But the centre of gravity. Even though is lowered is brought forward,
closer to the face. So it not a game improvement driver, it’s
for the better players, the better swingers. So out of 10, what do you think?
Uh, I would give it 8. I think the shaft is very good.
Lies very well behind the ball. The only thing about it is with the face behind
the ball it looks a little bit open to me personally.
But the ball flight is fantastic. All these better player drivers the manufacturers
tend to set the face a little open. It tends to suit the better players but not
all. But it’s good to know.
Brilliant. That’s the R9 SuperDeep driver from TaylorMade
and you can check them all out on Golfbidder.

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