Golf Club Review | Ping S56 and Anser Irons
Golf Club Review | Ping S56 and Anser Irons

Hi everybody Donal here from Golfbidder.
We’ve come to Orlando Florida to The PGA Show. The world’s biggest show in golf.
All the major manufacturers are here. We’re going to make our way round the range
to bring you the very best, the very latest of what available
in the golf world. So check out all our videos on Golfbidder.
Hey everybody. Donal from Golfbidder here. I’m on the Ping stand with Brad at the PGA
Show 2011 in Orlando. We’re looking at the Ping S56 and Anser irons,
new for 2011. These are lovely Brad. I love them. Can I
have one? Tell us about the S56 maybe first.
Beautiful irons. Well the first thing to say about the S56
is that it’s a winner. We’ve had so much success with this out on
the Tour. This has racked up 15 wins and we launched
it towards the end of last season right at the US Open.
So in a short amount of time it’s had a great amount of success, including the British Open
with Louis. Just give us a quick overview of the technology.
You know what we’re really focused on is trying to give the player control over the face.
You know the ability to work the ball in both direction while still providing some forgiveness.
Definitely focused on feel, consistency and distance control which is key for better players.
So we want a product that when they hit it, it goes the distance they expect to achieve.
So we’ve reinforced the face construction. We’ve used this CTP weight material here to
give us flexibility over the fitting and the swing weight but it also help dampen the vibration
and make it feel really good. We’ve even included a tungsten toe weight
here. Even though it’s a small package we took some
weight out of the centre and moved it to the extremes.
So given this small package it still presents some forgiveness and still maintains the consistency
and workability players want. Does it have a little bit of offset?
The offset is minimal. It has a little bit but there is not a lot of offset in it. We
really tried to focus on the needs of the typical blade player with this product but
not just giving them a forged muscle back. Give them something that still has some forgiveness
in there but has everything else they want from that product. Feel, consistency, it has
the workability and manipulation off the face so it’s a really great product.
And Brad the Anser? The Anser is our first forged product in a
long time. We actually had a forged iron about 50 years
ago. One of the first irons we produced was forged.
But this is our first forged offering in a recent history.
And as we carry a forged iron one of the things we didn’t want to do was carry a me too
forged muscle back club. So what we have tried to focus on is create
a higher performance cavity back that has the feel especially of a muscle back.
They way we achieve that, is you’ll notice here, this is a tungsten weight that is welded
into the sole. That creates a hollow sole cavity. The face
is reinforced with all this structure which helps create an amazing feel.
You get a lot of stability out of the face and that combined with this elastomer CTP
weight material gives it a really solid feel and very consistent feel off the face.
It still has a lot of perimeter weighting, the tungsten that pulls the centre of gravity
really low and help create that trajectory that is going to help better players play
well so its a real high performance cavity that feels like a muscle back.
Excellent. SO better players, good golfers, Ping players check out the S56, as you say
it’s a winner. Yeah, definitely a winner.
And the Ping Anser. Check them all out on Golfbidder.
Thanks Brad. Thank you.

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