Golf Club Review | Ping Rapture Driver
Golf Club Review | Ping Rapture Driver

Excellent drive.
Hi John, we’ll get you in to have a little chat to us about the Ping Rapture.
Nice to see ya. Thanks for coming on the Doc’s Dawn Raid for
Golfbidder. We’ve given John the Ping Rapture, the original
Ping Rapture from 2006 so it’s 5 years old now.
You don’t use a Ping Rapture? No.
So tell me do you hit this as far as the driver you’re using now?
About 20 yards further. About 20 yards further?
That’s right! Ok.
What about launch conditions. This is a 9 degree driver.
How do you figure it. Is the flight low or high?
Come a little bit close to me. The flight is high enough.
It gets in the air, like. Boring trajectory.
Well this driver was ground breaking at the time.
It’s always a little bit more expensive than the other drivers.
You can see here the webbing. There is a little bit more in the construction
of this driver. There is a little bit more labour into it so that’s why it’s a little
bit more expensive. And you’ll see it now with the Rapture and
the V2 versions. But it is with this titanium crown.
They took 20 grams of weight out of the crown of the club and repositioned it.
Repositioned the centre of gravity to give you this high boring flight.
So it is an excellent club. If you’re looking for high launch, low spin.
A value club that has come right down in price you can check out the Ping rapture on Golfbidder.
Thanks John. Thank You.

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