Golf Club Review | Ping i15 Driver
Golf Club Review | Ping i15 Driver

Lovely hit.
Mick we’ll bring you in for a little chat about the Ping i15 driver.
Yeah your hair is perfect. Welcome.
Thank you Donal. Mick’s a plus one player.
Mick I’ve given you, lets hold it up to the camera here.
The Ping i15 driver. Designed by the Ping staff Pros for the best
players. You’re a great player.
Tell us what you think about it. I would not agree with you about me being
a great player. Oh, I’ve seen you play, you are a great player.
You can get a real solid hit on it. It is for the low golfer.
You can see that the Ping guys have designed it because when you hit it out the sweet spot
it goes pretty well. Lovely ball flight out of it.
Lots of topspin I find I like out of it. What Ping say and what others have said about
it is that if you miss the centre and you have an off centre hit it is less forgiving
than the G15. No it wont be forgiving.
You can feel it back to your hand when you hit it off the heel or the toe.
But a beautiful driver all the same. Lots of the other drivers, lots of the other
drivers and you’ll see on the blub on the drivers that are normal drivers and are not
Tour drivers is that the centre of gravity is low on the head, moved back.
But on this driver the centre of gravity is moved forward.
So it is for the better players to produce optimum launch conditions.
As Mick said it’s not as forgiving on off-centre hits but when you do strike it, it is a little
bit hotter than the G15. It’s well worth the money.
Right, so that’s the Ping i15 driver. For the better player.
You’ll see as well when you put it down it does set up a little bit open.
It does hit it well but it is not closed like the other drivers.
When you get a tour driver like this, it is for the better payers.
So thanks a million Mick for you feedback and you can check out the Ping i15 on Golfbidder.

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