Golf Club Review | Ping G5 Driver
Golf Club Review | Ping G5 Driver

Good Stuff.
Right Shaun we’ll have you in again. Come over here and tell us about the Ping
G5. We’ve had Shaun looking at the Ping G2 and
now we’ve moved on to the Ping G5. Released the year after the G2.
How do you think this compares to the G2? I would favour the G2 slightly.
Ok. Easier to use.
It does not fade the balls as much as that one, it’s a straighter club I find anyway.
Ok. Well the Ping G5 came out the year after the
G2. And this, the G5, is the most brought and
sold, second hand club in the world. The advancements from the G2?
Well it is very similar. They are both very good drivers.
There is the G2 and the G5. The sole plate is different on the G5 and
there is 8 grams of weight removed from the head of the G5 and moved lower in the club
to produce a lower centre of gravity and to produce that little bit of higher launch.
So there is an advancement. It also has an Aldila NV shaft which is a
great shaft. A little bit better than the G2.
So the G5 and the G2 still great clubs and available at well under £100 so check them
out on Golfbidder.

2 thoughts on “Golf Club Review | Ping G5 Driver”

  1. Prasanna Kumar Das says:

    Happy that i own a g5 7.5 head driver with diamana blueboard ! It still is a gamer ! Wow

  2. funny stuff says:

    That swing was painful to watch 😅😅😅

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