Golf Club Review | Mizuno MX700 Driver
Golf Club Review | Mizuno MX700 Driver

Hi everybody.
Donal from Golfbidder here at the Doc’s Dawn Raid.
Today we’re in Carton House in Maynooth County Kildare.
They’ve got the Montgomerie course; they’ve got the O’Meara course and only half an hour
from Dublin airport. Make sure to check it out if you’re around
Dublin. Now we’re looking at the MX700 driver from
Mizuno. You know every driver that comes out the guys
give you so much blurb with the technology of the club.
It’s nice to see Mizuno in this case just giving us a drive.
Telling us it has ES230 steel in the face and just letting a guy go out and figure it
out for himself. So i’m with Kieran, a plus 1 handicapper here
and he likes this club. Kieran, let’s see your swing. Lets see you
hit it and then tell us what you think about it.
Quite a loud sound off of it Kieran? Yeah, it’s very loud off the face.
Is that off putting? No.
I’ve had a few different clubs in my bag. A few Cobras over time.
Ok then. With all the club that are coming out now
with the flight control technology adjustability, is it nice just to have just a club given
to you? You can’t adjust it, you just go and hit it.
Yeah. I never got too techie about the game. I just like to hit it.
Right. So this is a 9.5 degree MX700 from Mizuno.
So I didn’t want to say too much about it just let you go and hit it.
It has a big elongated face. How are you finding this flight wise?
It’s going pretty low. It’s not rising on me so it’s a penetrating.
So for a plus 1 handicapper it does get the ball out there?
Yeah. I’ve had a few swings off it today and it’s come off nicely.
Impressive looking at it to see my shot. So that’s a pretty good endorsement from a
plus 1 handicapper. That’s the Mizuno MX700 driver.
You can check it out on Golfbidder.

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