Golf Club Review | Mizuno MP57 Irons
Golf Club Review | Mizuno MP57 Irons

4 thoughts on “Golf Club Review | Mizuno MP57 Irons”

  1. Golfbidder says:

    @TheArtsandCrafty here at Golfbidder we offer a 7-day money back guarantee on all our used clubs so even if you buy them and don't get on with them you can simply return them to us.

  2. H Hyo says:

    i found a set of these mizuno golf bag with lots of clubs in the basement. I don't play golf but i just want to know the value. I looks old.

  3. funk44 says:

    still in my bag, no reason to upgrade

  4. adri vreeke says:

    I buy all mp57 which are for sale

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