Golf Club Review | Cleveland 2011 XL270, SL290, TL310
Golf Club Review | Cleveland 2011 XL270, SL290, TL310

Hi everybody Donal here from Golfbidder.
We’ve come to Orlando Florida to The PGA Show. The world’s biggest show in golf.
All the major manufacturers are here. We’re going to make our way round the range
to bring you the very best, the very latest of what available
in the golf world. So check out all our videos on Golfbidder.
Hi everybody. Donal from Golfbidder here at The PGA Show 2011 to tell you what’s new in
Cleveland drivers. So Chris, how you doing again? Changed your hat. Chris i’m looking
at one driver with 310, one with 290 and one with 270 what is the different. How does the
consumer tell the difference between these drivers? Well this is all about getting the
consumer into the right weight driver. We believe that there is a right weight for everybody.
All depending on their swing speed and how they want to control the ball. You can dial
in your right weight to maximise your distance. So i see one of these drivers, the 310, has
a different hosel that the other 2, a longer hosel. Yes you have the 310 which is preferred
more towards the better player. It’s a little bit smaller club head, about a 440CCs, where
the rest are the 460CCs so it just dials down from there. And what is really noticeable
is that they have got this absolutely fantastic Miyazaki shaft. Yes. The shaft is so important
in a club isn’t it. It is amazing and we actually have the shaft weights ranged from 39 grams
in the 270, all the way to 59 grams in the 310 version. 39 grams is extremely light.
It’s the most lightweight shaft right now in the market. Al light shaft means what?
It means extra club head speed. More speed equals more distance. More distance. Absolutely
fantastic. Well Chris thanks a million for explaining the new line of Cleveland drivers.
Check out Cleveland driver and hundreds more on Golfbidder.

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