Golf Club Review | Callaway X22 Irons
Golf Club Review | Callaway X22 Irons

Oh so sweet. Hi everybody, Donal from Golfbidder
here. Everybody can emphasise with Rocco Mediate. He’s a top Pro on Tour, nearly beat Tiger
a couple of years ago, he’s not built like and Olympic weight lifter, he’s like you and
me. And he has the same swing speed as you can me and he uses a set of Callaway X-22
irons. So what is it that Callaway has over everyone else. Well when you look down at
the iron it really inspires confidence. You know its not a blade iron, its the exact opposite.
Big thick top line, nice and chunky. Little bit smaller head than previous models, but
loads of offset. Some Pros love offset. Means it gives you plenty of time to get down there
and hit the ball. You don’t have to be that exact. There’s a lot going on behind the head
in the Callaway X-22s. The undercut channel here, the big cavity, with the 2 jaws on it,
they make this the most stable X-Series irons Callaway has ever made. It’s got a 10% higher
moment of inertia, or resistance to twist at impact than any other X-Series iron. So
it’s definitely and advancement, it’s defiantly a fine iron. Comes with a Callaway Uniflex
stiff/regular shaft. Check out this and all the other X-Series irons on Golfbidder.

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