Golf Club Review | Callaway X20 Irons
Golf Club Review | Callaway X20 Irons

Hey everybody, Donal here from Golfbidder
and I’ve got the Callaway X-20 iron here with me to test out on the range. The Callaway
X-Series of irons has probably been the most popular series of irons ever. The X-20 aims
to built on the success of the X-12s, X-14s, X-16s and X-18s that came before it. So it’s
got all the technology, stacked with technology. I like to think of this iron of a duck. Very
graceful on top but a lot going on underneath. First of all the notch weighting taking out
here so the centre of gravity is placed low and back in the club. Big cavity, weight around
the perimeter to make it very, very stable at impact. It’s not going to twist at impact.
Lots of offset and Callaway’s patented S2h2, short straight, hollow, hosel. The hosel here
is short allowing the weight to be put back into the head. Callaway are the only ones
that do that. Variable face thickness on the irons meaning the head is thicker on the irons
and not so thick on the edges so you should get a uniform hit across the face. Little
bit smaller head than the previous X-Series models, maybe designed towards the better
player, but still very, very hittable. So that’s the Callaway X-20. If you’ve had
the X-12s, X-14 or looking to change up, this is a fine iron to change to. We’ve got a huge
range of these on Golfbidder.

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