Golf Club Review | Callaway FT-iZ Fairway

Good stuff Kevin, let’s have you in to talk
about the Callaway FT-iz driver [fairway].
Good to see you. Thanks
Thanks, let’s get you in here close to me. You’re a great player.
Not bad. No two ways about it. this man is a winner.
Very, very low handicapper. Plus 1 handicapper. And you’ve got the Callaway Ft-iZ fairway
wood. Yes.
Now you picked this club and been hitting it really well.
Tell us why you like it. At first I was a little apprehensive when
i took it up as it has a slightly unusual shape head.
But when I started swinging with it, it sits lovely behind the ball and takes it well off
the turf. And it seems to be a well balanced club.
Now what about straightness? This club is all about moment of inertia and
producing straight shots. How did you find it?
If you’re swinging well with at it then it is hitting
it dead straight with a lovely high flight and all that.
Exactly what you’re looking for from a fairway wood.
Alright, the technology. It isn’t for everybody.
You can see from the top that it’s got the triangular face [head].
What they’ve done here in Callaway is, at Callaway, is take
the weight from the top of the club and produced polar weighting.
So the weight is both in the face and in the back of the club.
Because the weight is both here and here it produces a much,
much higher moment of inertia, or resistance to twist at impact.
So the whole thing about this club is that it is
a straight hitters club. Now the face is quite shallow and the wood
is quite big. But as you say there is absolutely no problem
with it. No it get the ball up in the air.
So that’s the Callaway FT-iZ. It’s full of technology. It might not be to
everyone’s liking with the shape of the wood but it really a
good club. You can check out the FT-iZ on Golfbidder.
Thanks a million. Thanks Donal.

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