Golf Club Review | Callaway Big Bertha and Fusion Fairway

Hi everybody it’s Donal here.
We in Carton House for Doc’s Dawn Raid on a beautiful morning for testing out a whole
range of driver and fairways. Now we have all the new equipment and we have
pre-owned equipment. Some of my favourite gear is Callaway fairway
woods. You can still find these fairway woods even
though they came out in 2004 or 2005, you can still find these in the bags of the Pros
on the European Tour. Now i have Darren here looking at the Big
Bertha Fusion 3-wood. Darren how are you finding that?
This club here is 6 years old now. This one is 7 years old.
But is it that far behind the fairway woods of today?
In regards to distance I’m hitting ait as far as my current 3-wood.
Right. I find it’s quite good, quite nice.
I find the head is a tiny little bit too small. But again if you look at this head it’s a
little bit bigger. So that’s the Callaway Big bertha Fusion 3-wood.
The original Big bertha and Big bertha Fusion 3-wood.
For me I can’t believe there is that much difference in technology that you still couldn’t
use these in your bag. And many Tour players agree.
And for £40 or £60 you can’t go far wrong. So if you’re looking to pick up a fairway
wood for very, very good money Callaway Big Bertha’s have been proven.
You’ve got the Fusion technology or the traditional Big Bertha.
Great value for money and available on Golfbidder.

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