Golf club in the riviera maya for beginners and experienced player
Golf club in the riviera maya for beginners and experienced player

I’m at the Bahia Principe Golf Course. This was designed by
Robert Trent Jones Junior and I’m standing at the fourth hole. And it’s a par 5 and as you can see,
it looks pretty complicated. And I’m not a big golfer, and
I’ve tried to take a few swings and all of my balls wind up in the drink. I think that’s why they like me to drive
around with the beer cart instead. Let’s go take a look
around some of the course. And we’re gonna catch up with
a friend of mine, Bartley Smith, who’s gonna tell us a little bit more in
depth about golf here in the Riviera Maya. We’re at hole number 6, and this is the water feature here
at Bahia Principe’s golf course. This is referred to as a cenote. Now cenotes are indigenous
to the Yucatan area. We do not have any surface rivers here. So all the fresh water runs underground. There’s plenty of cenotes in the area,
and they’re very popular for swimming and snorkeling. And I don’t think they’re gonna let
me snorkel or swim in this one. It’s just here for show for the golfers. What do you find most unique about
golfing here in the Riviera Maya?>>You can golf year round. Which you can’t do up in the states in a
large portion of the states where you get it year round. The quality of the courses, I mean they’re
world class courses all the way from Cancun to here in Akumal,
which is about an hour and a half away. They just opened a brand new TPC
course just south of the airport. We have Mayakoba where the PGA
plays their event in February. Just north of there, we have the Iberostar which is a PB Dye
designed course which is incredible. The hardest course you’ll ever play is
in the Playacar just south of Playa. And then this one just opened, Robert
Trent Jones design about three years ago, and it’s on par with where the PGA plays.>>Do you have any tips
you could offer golfers, when they come down here on vacation?>>Just make sure you bring lots of balls,
gloves, and your own shoes. And then they’ll have clubs for
you to rent, and go from there.

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  1. Loco Gringo says:

    Golf has become very popular in the Riviera Maya. The Bahia Principe golf course is very nice. Mayakoba is one of my other favorite courses.

  2. Loco Gringo says:

    @L. Huff Russell, oh generally Bartley is a great golfer. I think he may have choked because he was on camera! LOL. But yeah come on down and golf in the Riviera Maya!

  3. Loco Gringo says:

    @baronjackson2012, you can book directly tee times online at rivieramaya-golfclub[dot]com

  4. Loco Gringo says:

    Thanks Dennis!

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