Golf Chipping Tips : Golf Club Choice for Chipping
Golf Chipping Tips : Golf Club Choice for Chipping

Okay, when you’re on the green, the importance
of the shot cannot be overestimated, because if this shot is no good, you’re facing another
chip shot, or terrible, long, bad, putts, which can be three or four putts, then. So,
you’ve got a lot of club choices for the most part. Every now and then you will see a pro
use a driver to punch the ball, because they want to punch it out around the green, but
generally, you’re going to use a sixty-degree wedge, a sand wedge, a pitching wedge, nine-iron,
eight-iron, sometimes a seven-iron, or a putter, from off the green. So you want to practice
the shots at least half as much as you practice the rest of your shots, because if you can’t
do anything around the greens, then what purpose is there to having a great shot to get to
the green? So, you’ve got the able to hit these shots. So I can’t tell you which shot
to use for which shot–which club to use for which shot, but want you want to do, is through
endless practice and repetition, you will start getting the feel for what’s appropriate,
and taking into account the wind conditions, the weather conditions, the speed of the greens,
the thickness of the grass, then you’ll know which club to use, and no matter which club
you use, if you practice them a lot, you will still be able to get a halfway decent shot
out of it, because sometimes, maybe there isn’t a perfect shot, but if you’re good at
all of them, then they will all work out pretty good.

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