Golf Carts: Accidents & Insurance – WPB Attorney David Glatthorn Explains
Golf Carts: Accidents & Insurance – WPB Attorney David Glatthorn Explains

Hi. I’m Dave Glatthorn. I’m an attorney
in West Palm Beach. For 20 years, I’ve been representing injured people in disputes with
insurance companies and in insurance matters. I would like to talk to you today about golf
cart accidents. I’m going to tell you something that might surprise you. Over half of the
injuries associated with golf carts occur off of the golf course itself. And that’s
because there has been a tremendous explosion – or increase – in the use of golf carts
as temporary substitute automobiles – as in say, adult communities or golf course communities.
I’m also going to tell you something that might surprise you even more. And that is
this: that over 40% of the people that injured in golf cart related accidents are under the
age of 16. And this can be as simple as someone backing up and hitting a small child or taking
a corner too quick and then you fall out. Because we all know, these golf carts are
not designed with any kind of seat belts or any kind of side protection – you kind of
have to hold on to a handle. Now, in Florida, a golf cart is considered a motor vehicle.
I know they don’t look like one and you can’t drive them on the highway, but they
are considered a motor vehicle. Why that’s important is this: in Florida, if you have
motor vehicle not only the operator of the motor vehicle but also the owner of the motor
vehicle can be held responsible for the negligent operation of that motor vehicle by the operator.
So in many instances if there is insurance coverage on that golf cart itself, it’s
a simple exercise in finding compensation for the injured person. However, it can become
more complex because often the insurance coverage on the golf cart is not under any kind of
auto policy or any type of separate policy, but instead under the homeowner’s policy.
And to make it even more complex, sometimes it’s only under certain circumstances does
that homeowner’s policy cover. And to put on another level of complexity, in fact in
many instances, there can be still another insurance policy that may in fact be applicable.
So even though golf carts we’re all kind of used to them and they look kind of benign
(they go at such a slow speed), they can cause serious injuries. And investigation and resolution
of a claim under a golf cart can involve complex questions of insurance coverage. If you’re
watching this video, it’s probably because either you or someone you know or love has
been injured in a golf cart accident. If that is true, then you probably have concerns – you
probably have questions. Call me. 561-659-1999. We can answer your questions; we can address
your concerns. Call me. 561-659-1999. I’m Dave Glatthorn and we’re here to help.

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