Golf-cart karaoke: Transfer Student Services
Golf-cart karaoke: Transfer Student Services

Phillip, hey it’s Bob. Can you help me with uh, traffic today? Where you at? Oh sweet! I’m right outside the library. Alright great, see you in a minute. Thanks. Things are good in Transfer Student Services? Aww man, things are excellent, we just got
new students in for this fall semester, so things are good! The biggest thing for us is hitting the different
state colleges around the state of Florida and then just working with our transfer students
as they are looking to transfer over. Making sure their credits are in. so the great thing that we actually do now
in our office, is actually offer preliminary transfer credit evaluations. A lot of transfer students are wondering,
oh will my credits come over and how many will you accept? You know, so we tell them to print out your
unofficial transcripts and let us look at them. We are able to give them an estimate of how
many will be transferring over. That’s great. It’s kind of like you know, when the students
actually come here, they come here and they’re leaving whether FTIC, First Time In College
students, or transfer students, they leave with whatever environment they have been at
for the last two years or what have you and then they come to UNF, the 16 hundred acre
nature preserve that we live on and it’s like a whole new world to them. That’s right. You know? It’s like something that they have never seen
before. Right. You know, Bob. That actually reminds me of a song. *Princess Voice* I can’t go that low. *Singing* Excuse us guys. *Singing* you know, our students are in a
whole new world with us. Right. You know, they get to travel abroad, they
get to join clubs and organizations. It’s a whole new world. And your group is trying to pave the way,
make it a little easier for them to transition Yes. to campus life. *Princess Voice* Different things that you
know, students can partake in while they’re students here. There’s academic clubs, there’s biology clubs,
I know there is Future Leaders of Business. That’s one club that they can get involved
in. Right. There’s so many things our students can get
involved in and they can just take advantage of the different opportunities that we offer
here. I think that’s the biggest thing, what you’re
going to get out of your experience on campus is relative to what you put into it. *Singing* You’ve got to get out there, and
really take advantage of all the things we have I know for a fact, not only just the academic
portion but even the social things we offer. The different fun clubs and organizations
that we have on campus for students to get involved in. The different athletic events that they can
get involved in and really just jam out! Really just have a good time and enjoy all
the social events that we have now. Right. Jam out, that actually brings up another good
song, it takes us back a little bit. We do need some more music. Let’s see what we’ve- You remember Space Jam? Yeeeeah! *Singing* *Jamming out* College sometimes will knock you
down. You know? Classes, whatever but they’ve got to get back
up. This world, this new world that our students
are seeing. Sometimes things may not work out as planned
but they’ve got to get back up and jam out. *Jamming out* I think the good thing is that
there’s a lot of resources when times get tough if you need a little help whether it’s academic,
or it’s social, or just if you want to feel better about things, there’s a lot of resources
on campus that they can reach out to. *Jamming out* I got a little dance. You’ll have to carry it, I’ve
got to drive. *Jamming out* *Jamming out* *Jamming out* *Jamming out* *Jamming out* *Jamming out* *Jamming out* The most important thing is
for the students to come and just light up the world. Take charge. There is a ceiling trying to block you. I think P!nk said it, knock that ceiling down. Speaking of P!nk, that brings another song. I’m just full of songs today. We’ve got the full catalog here! *Singing?* Oh, this is beautiful. Love all the students. Market Days are amazing. Every Wednesday. *Princess Voice?* *Singing* I’ve been enjoying this. It’s a beautiful day on campus. But I’ve got to go. I’ve got a meeting. You’ve got to knock it out. I’ve got a meeting to go to but hey it’s been
fun! Good luck, I appreciate it. Thank you for the tunes. Anytime! Yell at me when you need a ride again. Yes sir, you take care! Alright, Phil.

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