Golf-Cart Karaoke: Loch Nessie Edition
Golf-Cart Karaoke: Loch Nessie Edition

He wants us to pull him. You know it’s amazing that it’s mid January. Right?! Everybody’s in shorts I mean it’s 75-80 degrees. Which is just another reason that makes our
campus so, you know so beautiful and so easy to see why people love coming here that’s
for sure. Looks like he hurt his wrist on his skateboard. What’s up man? Doin’ alright? How are you Miss? Doin’ well? Look at this right here. Hey! Loch Nessie! Nessie! What are you doing here?! Hey guys! Can I get a ride to Candy Cane Lake? Candy Cane Lake? Yeah, Candy Cane Lake. I need a place to live Alright we can do that. Alright let’s go. What are you doing on campus, just hanging? Actually, my name is Loch Nessie Monster. I know you’re Loch Nessie. We know who you are. I come to all of your basketball games. You’re famous. What’s up baby?! Good morning baby! Alright how y’all doing? We’re picking up monsters! Sup man! Hey! What grade are you what class are you? Freshman. You are?! Let me ask you a question. Come here. Question for you. You know what Feb. 14 is? Valentine’s Day. Yep. So you remember that right? Yes sir. Guess what Feb. 15 is? What’s that? The day after! But listen what’s important about that day
is you’re going to get an email from the NSSE company it’s about the NSSE survey and basically
what it is, is 8-10 minutes of you time to tell you what your experience has been like here on campus How good things are, How you’ve been engaged,
what we can do better. First thousand to do it get a $10 gift card
to Chick-fil-A. Do you like Chick-fil-A? You’re talking my language now. See that? Or Starbucks. Chick-fil-A. Yeah, yeah, yeah you my guy,
you my guy, you my guy. Down there Nessie? Yes please! Oh look at that water! So pretty. What’s up man? Whats up Miami Heat? Swoop! Don’t forget to have your seniors and freshmen
fill out the survey okay? February 15! Don’t forget first thousand freshmen and seniors
get a $10 gift card, Chick-fil-A or Starbucks! Boom. Hey thank you. Thank you Loch Nessie! Looking forward to the survey!

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