Golf Cart Confessions: “You have to wonder…”
Golf Cart Confessions: “You have to wonder…”

I’m a life-time member of the Alumni Association. My name is Albert Wilburn. This is my 45th reunion. Getting together with some
fraternity members here. We were one of the first integrated fraternities on this campus. It was fully integrated. A great group of guys. And back in ’63, ’64, ’65 that was a big deal. It was called Alpha Tau Omega but then Alpha Tau Omega kicked them off campus
because they had some Jewish guys in the fraternity. When the great green dragon from Alabama came back to make sure they clean up their act they not only had Jewish kids Jewish guys, they had some black guys too so they were kicked off. Class of ’67 I was the captain of the football team. We didn’t do diddly. [laughs] We were like five and five I think. Or seven and three or something like that. But we have some great people on the
team. A couple all Americans. When I was a senior Jim Plunkett was a freshman. That’s my claim to fame. [laughs] Crazy stuff. They all graduated. They’re all honorable people doing honorable work. Good families and stuff but there was some times. You had to wonder. You had to wonder. [laughs]

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  1. Sandy Brown says:

    Al Wilburn is a great man and a credit to the Stanford Cardinal Family!

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