Golf Cart Confessions: “This is about my heart being broken…”
Golf Cart Confessions: “This is about my heart being broken…”

Right there, when we were going up and down that road, I was like, “Gosh dangit,” I remember when he broke my heart! And I’m on my Walkman, you know! Going down the road for like 3, 4 in the morning, singing Sade songs. You know, Sade, who had those songs about your heart being broken, and you never recover, and how, how could they do that to you? I literally would push the tape and rewind. Push the tape and rewind. Like, “This is the song about my heart being broken!” – So those are Walkman days, do you have an Ipod now? Is she on your IPod?-
You know what, it’s interesting, I have that same Walkman from Stanford. It just broke like last month! – How many, like, relationships did you have here?
– [laughter] No! No, I didn’t have that many relationships! -Did you have a lot of bad ones? – I had a lot of bad ones. A lot of bad ones.
– Cause I always thought you didn’t date!
– No, no I dated, I just had really bad ones. They were all bad. I met this guy from Cuba named Alejandro. And I hear that song from Lady Gaga now, and she’s like, talking about MY Alejandro! I met this guy, aw man was he a charmer. Super, Super cal-caliente! Ah, sí. That’s Spanish for he was the man! Yes! He was the man! [sigh]

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