Golf Cart Confessions: “The Band, Full Moon and BLEEP!”
Golf Cart Confessions: “The Band, Full Moon and BLEEP!”

[MUSIC] [NOISE]. I played the alto sax and
I taught myself how to play it so I could be in the band. I learned a lot from the band [LAUGH] and,
I smoked my first. [SOUND] [MUSIC] And I did my first. [SOUND] [MUSIC] Wow! You know, and so, we got like a two-game
suspension, or something like that. And then, we got to come back for Big Game, and
we all wore halos around our head. We made little like tinfoil halos. And we, and we played,
when the Saints Come Marching in, When we came in. So Full Moon on the Quad is
like your induction to Stanford. And, I was really worried about like,
being that typical freshman girl, right? Who was just like out there and
being disgusting. So I like, came into it, I was like
do not do anything with anybody. So a friend of ours,
they gave me a strip [SOUND] [MUSIC] [NOISE]. I did.
I was up there. Oh you just.
I wasn’t say it on camera anyway. Sorry. So they gave me a [SOUND] and then afterwards another
girl brought me this man. And so he was going to,
he was going to kiss me and I was like no I cannot do this because
I am drunk, and I like ran off and, like, I hate myself for
that moment because he was a whoa, very. [LAUGH].
I would [CROSSTALK]. And that became our tradition
that we gave each other [BLEEP] [MUSIC] [LAUGH] [MUSIC]

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