Golf Cart Confessions: “Stanford is transformative…”
Golf Cart Confessions: “Stanford is transformative…”

[MUSIC] Let’s take a leisure tour. Yeah.
Let’s do that. Yes. I miss Stanford. [CROSSTALK] It’s been a while, I really miss Stanford.
I love Stanford. Everybody knows I love Stanford. All my students tease me because
they know I love Stanford. And I’m always wearing my Stanford
t-shirt or Stanford sweatshirt. So, everybody knows. Everyone knows that they can’t talk to
me after Stanford loses a football game. Like I lived in Napa. I lived in LA and moved to Chicago,
and then there’s just always been this beacon in the back of my mind that like
the Bay Area and Stanford is calling. And every single time I’ve visited,
when I was no longer a student. It was just like this halo around it and
the sunlight was always better. And the air was always fresher and
everything was just so much better. The most profound thing for me at
Stanford was the relationships that I formed particularly my friendships,
because it was difficult. I had, I came from a very diverse area,
but educationally, or academically, I was the only, a lot of
the time, black student in my class. And then coming here, and finding so
many people who were black and white and Latina and, from all over the world,
who were smart, so that canceled it out. And it, we were just us. We all come from urban areas, and
we’re, like, the only ones of our kind. You know, super nerdy kids. [LAUGH] And yeah, it was all,
you know, the same. Yeah.
I think it just felt very, everybody was so accepting. I had grown up in the shadow
of my big brother who was, like, a genius and an athletic star. And I just always thought I wasn’t
good enough and I wasn’t at his level. It was really amazing to arrive on
campus and just get to be me and not be Derrick’s little sister,
for the first time in my life. It was completely transforming. Stanford is
a transformative experience. And I’m just so proud that Stanford
is making it possible for people from all backgrounds and all means
to to make this part of their lives. And I want to support that. Standford just gave me
the foundation in life. It taught me to,
it gave me the values of, of, service and, wanting to make the world
better and be committed to that. And it sort of gave me
the core of who I am. You really live that. Yeah. So do you! [MUSIC]

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