Golf Cart Confessions: “Not a good thing to repeat to the kids…”
Golf Cart Confessions: “Not a good thing to repeat to the kids…”

My job is to get a story out of you in return for
the ride I know all these stories. I could go back and forth with you. Some of which I just can’t repeat. Tell them about the motorcycle. We were betas when the fraternity was still here. And it was an entirely different campus in those days.
We had motorcycles was a primary source of transportation during
the day on campus. They still want that story about the motorcycle. I can’t tell you that. Yes you can that’s what they want. Please tell us. I had been drinking and riding
motorcycles in the middle of the night with the t-shirt, shower shoes, and no hat on and kind of lying down on top of the motorcycle to reduce the wind resistance so you can get home faster. Anyway we did a lot. Tell them about the really stupid one. We’re the Bickersons in case you didn’t get our last name. Well and you know feel free to do the
story yourself on his behalf. The steps with the motorcycle. Of course the motorcycles were part of our life so we would enter the fraternity house late at night see if we could get up to the third floor of the beta house on the motorcycles without having an incident or having the motorcycle turnover and rollback down which occasionally it did but. That’s not a good thing repeat to our kids or anybody else. That didn’t show much intelligence. I’m sure the Dean of Admissions would not have, he would have recanted and rescinded my application on the admission to Stanford if he knew I was that stupid.

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