Golf Cart Confessions: “I was declared dead TWICE…”

I’m one to four sisters and all four of us
went to Stanford and here’s one of them. The funny thing is is that by some error I
was announced as being dead and it took 10 years for me to come to be resurrected and get back on the
list. Well I didn’t know that I had passed and so one day I was looking in the
Stanford alumni magazine. That’s the Stanford magazine. Yes And there was my name as having In Memoriam. But the same thing
happened this year. So it does happen occasionally but as, uh its its kind in the joke. Your
director alumni relations says this is how we
know that alumni are paying attention so we
can we occasionally like to trip them up. Of course, he was joking We’re third
generation. Our grandfather went here our father went here and an aunt went here. We’ve had a niece go here the next generation down. See that lady in the red coat right there? Holler Nancy. Nancy! Who’s that? That’s sister three. Oh no, there’s a camera. Do you want to get in and be part of the fun?
Of course. Of course, come on, let’s get the sisters.

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